Sleepin’ Dogs Studios moving into worldwide sales

by Jim Dowell Jr.

Well it is officially summer here in Greensboro. The temperatures are soaring, and creativeness in the art world is abundant. This little column will be a monthly addition to YES! Weekly that will be informative and sometimes a bit wicked ‘— I hope you enjoy the ride.

Sleepin’ Dog Studios has been chosen to be involved with ‘“The Rosen Show’” of fine American crafts in Philadelphia. The show is a huge market for wholesale/retail gallery owners worldwide. Nancy Brooks started the business in 1994 and now shows and sells her line of collectibles out of her home studio, the Upstairs Gallery, the Marshall Gallery, and CVA among places in Greensboro. Call 336.288.6568 in advance for hours to tour the studio.

‘• Emmett Williams is stretching his success ‘— on a recent trip to the Big Apple he sold several paintings immediately after finishing them on the street. A ‘“Broadway View’” painting went to a collector on Park Avenue, while several portraits of locals were sold to the subjects. Also actor DB Wong from the HBO series ‘“Oz’” purchased one of Emmett’s handsome chairs. Emmett asked for his autograph, and DB turned the tables and asked Emmett to sign the chair and add his own decorative touches for him.

I certainly understand how intoxicating New York City can be. On a Memorial Day trip with Mark Gillis and his partner Jeff Sartain, we were totally smitten with the city. In the West Village there was an outdoor art market that lasted the entire weekend. All mediums, textures, canvas sizes and types of artists were there selling their wares. Hundreds of people were purchasing their passions. Throw in all the intercontinental cuisine delights and you cannot go wrong. If only we here in Greensboro could get any kind of downtown festival together like that.

‘• Congratulations to the Erik Beerbower family on the recent birth of their daughter, Esmae Landis Beerbower. Erik is on a natural high and actually took a little time off to be a parent, and for those of us who know Erik, that is a rarity. We wish the entire family the best, and if you haven’t seen Lyndon St. Artworks lately, please go by and check it out. Always changing, with some new artists in house, it is always a treat to see.

Changes are abundant in the downtown art scene. Canvas can’t give out all the details at this time, but stay tuned. Suffice it to say, there is some ‘movin’ and a shakin’ going on.

‘• The United Arts Council is working closely with local galleries to design and distribute a map of all galleries in Greensboro so visitors and residents alike can have an accurate way to find the galleries of their choosing. Funding has been approved, and a map committee is in place to expedite this effort.

‘• Greensboro welcomes Carolena Campanella Fine Art Gallery to the list of galleries now in business. Owned and operated by Carol McCreedy, it is located at 5588 Garden Village Way in northwest Greensboro. The gallery is very sleek, with a big-city feeling, and furthers the efforts of introducing art galleries beyond the downtown scene.

It is my sincere hope that all the galleries in Greensboro can work together to cross-promote events, artists and shows to the advantage of all. There are many nice galleries in Greensboro with an abundance of talent. Being in the South no longer has to be a detriment to an artist or a collector ‘— but there has to be support for both, or the galleries cannot survive. We have lost too much talent to other cities and venues due to lack of support, so I am asking you to please, please support the arts in Greensboro. The culture you help to remain here is, after all, your own. Too little support; promises made and not kept; lack of funding; and especially not knowing what is available and where to find it all lead to demise, and we certainly do not need that. Support your local artists and galleries and you will be the winner.

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See you in August.

Feel free to email me with any art scoop at Have a great summer.