Slugterra’s second go-’round on the big screen

Although it echoes the anime format, Slugterra: Return of the Elementals is very much aimed at smaller children. There’s a lot of colorful action in the style of a video game, but the violence is bloodless. There are even bursts of humor, some silly and some rather inspired. If nothing else, it’s far less pretentious than Pokemon – and running barely 65 minutes it’s on the move throughout.

Based on the popular Canadian/American animated fantasy series, which has already spawned one feature film (Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond), the new film again follows the adventures of teen hero and “slug-slinger” Eli Shane (voiced by Sam Vincent) and his friends – both slug and humanoid – as they fight to save SlugTerra from the forces of evil.

It seems that the villains (called “Goons”) covet the five Elementals, with which they can corrupt the shape-shifting, superpowered slugs and thereby … conquer the universe, one supposes.

Aficionados of the series clearly have a head start, as this feature plays out like an extended episode – and ends on a note hinting strongly that more big-screen Slugterra is in the offing.

Slugterra: Return of the Elementals will be screened Saturdays and Sundays at Carmike 18, Greensboro and Wynnsong 12, Winston-Salem. For specific showtimes and ticket prices, see !

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