Songwriters, homeless pair up for CD release

by Jeff Sykes

A collaborative project bringing together the GreensboroCollege community with area musicians to tell the stories of clients of theInteractive Resource Center is seeking to raise money.

The Healing Blues Project teams songwriters withstorytellers who are struggling with homelessness and other challenges. Theresult, project members hope, will be the Healing Blues CD, aconcert and a financial boost to the IRC.

The projects is trying to raise $20,000 to fund IRC projectsand $10,000 to pay for studio time and hire musicians for the recordingproject.

The CD will be produced by Dave Fox and features more than12 songwriters. The music will be performed by well-known local blues musicians,including Lawyers, Guns, and Money, the Fairlanes, Big Bump and the Stun Gunzand The Healing Blues Band.

A celebration concert and CD release is scheduled for Oct.5.