Springtime haiku

by YES! Weekly staff

(photo by Kevin Rosseel)


Spring air like warm bath But ahhh-choo! Pollen torments Grab morning paper — JG

River Run

Wife sips coffee at 4th Street café between films The wind wants my hat — JG

Stream clean

Ripe women, boosters, College students, all pulling Garbage from the creek — JG


Springtime is about Riding in pick-up truck beds, Trespassing in pools. — EG

The tower

The water tower Looks over the empty mill, Cooking in May heat. — EG


Dandelion wine. Cookout shakes and fireflies. School’s out forever. — EG


Flowers bloom and spread Icky yellow pollen, then Watery eyes hurt — DS

Clean rain

Spring showers help wash Winter’s stagnant funk off and Wet hopes for happy summer — DS

False spring

Strange storms roll through town Spring roaring with wet fury A difficult birth — BC

To seed

Weed killer on lawn Reveals distinct imbalance ‘Twas mostly crabgrass — BC