Stacy Morton

by Brian Clarey

The bike is a 2004 Giant with 27 speeds and a frame built for equal ease in the mountains and on the road. The man who rides it in the name of law and order is Stacy Morton, this month’s Page Three Fella and an officer for the Greensboro Police Department. And before you think about snickering at the bicycle cops, realize that these guys are the ones that make the streets of downtown safe each evening, they’re armed and they can run you down much more efficiently than a cop in a cruiser. ‘“We can move around’… get to places. We can see a lot more than [the guys] in a patrol car.’” And these guys are in sick shape ‘— Morton and some of his fellow officers rode in the Tour to Tanglewood this past weekend, a 45-mile trek for multiple sclerosis. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be back on Elm Street the next day keeping people honest and interacting with the merchants and pedestrians. ‘“My main thing is citizen contact,’” he says. ‘“And I get to wear shorts to work.’”