Standing in the track

by Lenise Willis

Triad Stage hosted its opening-night performance Saturday for the locally written play VROOOMMM, which dips into the world of NASCAR and women’s equality. The evening was certainly an enjoyable one, with clever set and lighting tricks, a high-energy cast, sexual innuendoes, and only a few eye rolls.

The first thing to note is how intriguing Bert Scott’s set design is. A racetrack runs from the backdrop and straight down the middle of the stage, making the audience feel like we’re sitting right smack in the middle of the raceway and are a part of the action. The feeling certainly added to the adrenaline rush of watching the highly competitive racers speeding around in their roller chairs.

The chairs were a wonderful and creative touch, too, adding both movement and laughter to the plot.

As for the actors, it’s usually not a compliment to say a woman looks like a dude, but this all-female cast did a wonderful job harnessing their masculine mannerisms, and switching from female to male roles. Amy Hamel especially, disappeared into her character of Chip, the mulletdonning racecar driver, who loves ladies and beer.

Eliza Huberth’s performance was pleasantly exhausting as she speedily switched between a female racer, a redneck dad, an Aussie and even a ghost. Denise Lute and Courtney Moore bared it all in their multiple roles: Lute as a streaker and Moore as a sexy nurse and a scantily-clad fan. Their courage on stage was certainly noted in my book and showed their broad range of skill.

Overall the comedy, written by UNCG professor Janet Allard, was a lighthearted look at women in a man’s world, and is certainly a fast-paced one at that. The two-hour show has no intermission and quickly changes from scene to scene, from the track, to the stands, to the bar. Prepare to pay attention; it’s fast and full of plot twists, schemes and surprises.

It’s a funny play with a few bathroom jokes that may cause an eye roll or two, but after all, it is a man’s world. !


Triad Stage presents VROOOMMM! January 27-February 7 at Hanesbrands Theatre, 209 N. Spruce St., Winston-Salem. Tickets are about $10-$50 depending on date and seating. For tickets and more information call 272-0160 or visit