Suite 300 to open in downtown Greensboro in March

by Dani Vanderboegh

Kress Terrace patio and interior.

Perhaps you have been to Kress Terrace. If not, maybe youhave seen them on Facebook. Still not familiar? Well, you should check it outand Suite 300’s page as well. With her newest venture’s grand opening loomingin the near future Owner Karen Willett has been dropping hints all overFacebook about Suite 300, which is just a few floors below Kress Terrace.

The new venue will have its grand opening party on March 27.Much like Kress Terrace, Willette has handpicked every aspect of the venue,from lighting fixtures down to the flooring. Though Willette doesn’t have adesign background, her venue is a work of interior design art.

Willette has owned her Visions Catering for years. They do90 percent weddings. Kress Terrace, which opened in August after four weeks ofrenovations using 22 contractors, was her opportunity to branch out. “I’vebeen known for weddings for years and years and years and years,” Willettesaid. “So this venue (Kress Terrace) gave me the opportunity to change thepredictable cycle that a lot of us are in with venues and hotel banquet halls.”

She wanted to push the boundary with Kress Terrace and openit for more than just wedding receptions “” she opened it for community eventsas well. “I give a really hefty 501c discount and do really good packages,things like that,” she said. “My husband and I do a lot of stuff like that andat this point in our life we like to be involved in that. So with this one(Suite 300), I’m pushing for even more community events.”

That’s not to say that wedding parties won’t use the venueas well. There will be a billiards room at Suite 300 as well as a Bride’s and aGroom’s room on opposite sides of the floor. There will also be a custom dancefloor and a custom bar, which was designed by Willette. Eventually this summerthere will also be custom a 6x2x2 ft. saltwater aquarium.

Willette is having her grand opening on March 27 at 7 p.m.She is bringing her best by having both Kress Terrace and Suite 300 open andwith catering and bar service, which will be free throughout the evening. It’sopen to the public, but she just asks that you bring your best in the form offormal attire. This is her next special event venue, not a local bar.

Kress Terrace and Suite 300 is located at 212 S. Elm St.,Greensboro 27401. Phone: 336.688.3380

Look for more about the grand opening and the venue in theApril 1 issue of YES! Weekly.

A teaser photo from the Suite 300 Facebook page.