Sullivan reunites at Greene St., Solaris has Barberries

by Heather MacIntyre

Early this week Solaris ( has something in store for you. No, not the $4 martini special every Tuesday night. We’re talking about a hump day show that is a must see for those who have much needed a break; so spread the word to friends. Wednesday night Atlanta is sending their psychedelic garage band over for the evening, the Barberries ( thebarberries), adding a little American trash to your stash. Check out their Greensboro debut alongside the Gate City’s own, Pinche Gringo ( pinchegringoband). Solo indie artist Adam Thorn ( thetopbuttons) will be with Basalt (a girl named Nicky, nickyisbasalt) who will be adding her own experimental-lounge style to pull together an overall kickback evening. Order some wine and dine; the tunes will wash over you like the waves you would have felt this summer if you weren’t too busy (or if it wasn’t too hot) to have made that beach trip. Can’t find Solaris? Try meandering across the street from the Historical Museum in Greensboro, downtown on Summit Avenue. Need another reason to motivate you? A few more dollars towards your tank for a possibly end-of-summer beach trip, because the show is free.


The Garage ( in Winston-Salem has maintained a notably solid event calendar all summer long — I’m talking almost four nights a week — and the remainder looks just as promising. Question: Thursday at 9 p.m., where you gonna be? Answer: right here ( for a band with home-court advantage, Easybake ( Online, they describe their music with three words: rock, rock and rock. My prediction is that they will be adding a little “roll” to this set. Who wouldn’t want to see a woman like Lauren Myers shred it on a guitar! Yet again, Atlanta is lending us some of their talent this week: the Pinx ( Who you really need to keep your ears open for though is a Charlotte based rock group known as Lamb Handler (www. These guys have been playing all over the South for a while now, and demand their music remain labeled simply “rock.” “No crazy, trendy, or hyphenated subgenre, just good old ROCK” raves a reviewer. Look forward to jams like the ones from their highly praised 2007 release The Shepherds of Rock. Pick up your own membership card now available at this Triad venue to keep you updated and have an easy breezy way in the doors from now on.

Lamb Handler at the Garage


Remember the sad and unexpected break-up of the Triad’s Tooth and Nail band Sullivan ( Their last show came abruptly and out of nowhere as they split up and dispersed into their own projects. This happened so quickly that some of you may not have made it out, or even known about, their final show last year. Good news, the boys are all back in town for a reunion show at their favorite venue Friday — Greene Street ( These pop-rock friendly NC natives are back for an end-of-summer concert surprise. Check out the video we’ve posted ( yesweeklymusic) of these guys goofing up a promo from their last hit album, Cover Your Eyes. Who else is gracing us with their pop royalty presence? Growing by the dollar sign, it’s Jonas Sees In Color ( — don’t miss them and their fun and rocking showdown, as they’ll be gone for a steady tour the next two months. Wipe your tears and keep up with their online fan video of the week posts! Other spots this evening: Abandon Kansa (, En Serenade (www.myspace. com/enserenade) and PM Today (www.


Want to try something a little different? The people that normally host the house shows on Mimosa, have booked a special event at Square One ( with four bands that will make your Friday night worthwhile. Greensboro’s happy electro-acoustic kids Sue and Erik, also known as Snackster ( will be jamming their indie-punk duet set along with… snacks? That’s right, bring your appetite and some change, as they will provide their famed snackster sandwiches for the grumblin’ stomachs. The Cold Tonys (www. will be joining as the second hometown band for the evening for your proper dose of fast, punk-rock mayhem. The two bands touring the East Coast joining us this evening are from the Washington DC area: the Antlers (www., and the Catalyst ( The Catalyst is a perfect blend of grunge and hardcore that had a fist-pumping and head-thrashing release on Rorschach Records last year worth picking up. The venue known as Square One is located at 1400 Glenwood Ave. in Greensboro (at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Grove Street). The show starts at 9 p.m., or “show o’clock,” meaning whenever you all finally roll in. Though show is free, but they’d appreciate donations for the touring bands that have to make it on the road and face the everyday fluctuation of gas prices. •••

Girls, your hearts will start pitter pattering soon as you hear who is performing in Raleigh this Friday night. I’ll give you a hint: “I swear, by the moon and the starts in the skies. And I swear, like the shadow that’s by your side. I’ll be there, for better or worst, ‘till death do us part. I’ll love you with every beat of my heart….” Well, hopefully you’ve got it by now. Lincoln Theatre (www. presents: Boyz II Men ( Swoon! You can almost guarantee that along with all of their hits, they will be running through Motown classics that they recently recorded on their tribute album A Journey Through Hitsville USA. I honestly can’t put together a more talented show for a group of gentlemen than this. North Carolina hip-hop/r&b groups have been given a prestigious opportunity to opening this show: Durham’s Little Brother ( littlebrother), and Chapel Hill’s Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band known as Who’s Bad ( whosebadmusic). Don’t miss this, better believe I’ll be there! The doors open at 5 p.m., show at 6, and though it’s hosted by the Lincoln Theatre, it will take place on Lee Field on the NC State Campus.