Survey says Greensboro needs anger management

by Jim Longworth

Last week, Men’s Health Magazine released it’s survey of the top 100 angriest cities in America, and Greensboro was high on the list at number 33.

I am not surprised.

African Americans are angry because the police department had secretly surveilled local leaders and because black students are being suspended at higher rates than whites.

‘ Both whites and blacks are angry that illegal Hispanics are driving down wages and draining social services

Guilford County commissioners are angry with each other all of the time; we’re all angry because PTI’ can’t give us a decent selection of flights at decent rates; young single folks are angry because they say there’s nothing to do at night; supporters of higher ed are angry because we’re losing two good college presidents at A&T and Bennett, meanwhile students and faculty at UNCG are angry because while their tuition rises and paychecks stay stagnant, the university spends millions on clocktowers and decorative walkways.

‘ And, ironically, it makes us all angry that Greensboro was even ranked as an angry city in the first place.

‘ But I suppose it could be worse. Greensboro could be annexed by Winston-Salem.

Now that would really push us over the edge.

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