T. Dianne Bellamy-Small

by Yes Weekly Election Coverage

Residentialaddress: 3211 Delmonte Drive, 27406

Incumbent orchallenger: Incumbent

Age: 60

Campaignwebsite, blog, Twitter, etc: facebook/Dianne Bellamy Small

Occupation andemployer: Instructor at GTCC

Previouselective experience (including election campaigns): GreensboroCity Council, 2003-present

Civic andvolunteer experience (including service on local government commissions andboards): Past president NCBEMO; NCLM Board member Dist 9; United MethodistChurch local church lay speaker; Artist in Arts Greensboro, 17 Days ArtsFestival; council liaison to Convention and Visitors Bureau, Greensboro TransitAuthority, Library, Chamber Operating Board

Education(highest degree attained and name of institution): BA, UNC-ChapelHill

Where were youborn: Winston Salem

When did youmove to Greensboro: [Incomplete]

Paidconsultants working on campaign: [Incomplete]

Campaignmanager: [Incomplete]

Treasurer: Self

Articles aboutthis candidate:

• D1 challengers take on longest continually serving incumbent (link