T0W3RS — Wyatt

by Ryan Snyder

If T0W3RS debut LP If All We Have Is Time from earlier this year was a disorienting listen, then Derek Torres’ genre-bending band from Chapel Hill has taken their follow-up EP Wyatt meta in that regard. Officially set for release as a cohesive unit on Oct. 23, Wyatt was initially offered as a scavenger hunt of sorts during this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival as five individually packaged cassingles. Improbably enough, Wyatt may be better consumed as five individual tracks, as each seem orphaned from a central aesthetic. Opening track “Mobius Strip” is a chop-topped garage-pop ditty, laid out as a waveform and normalized within an inch of its life before being Jackson Pollack’d with multihued electronic glitter. “Bounty” is the EP’s amuse bouche, a delicious, if comparatively unmemorable, bit of driving rock that’s instantly consumed by the Pink Floydmeets-Ennio Morricone epic “DRAW?FOLD.” The most interesting track on Wyatt is undoubtedly the disco-schadenfreude oddity “Ours,” whose hook, “I want to make them suffer as much as me,” is playfully abated by the glut of curio like an iPod clickwheel capture, Nintendo kill sounds and an unstoppable kick-drum thump that marries it all together. It’s a weird little knick-knack of a release, but it’s not hard to have fun with it.


T0W3RS will join Jenny Besetzt and the Lollipops this Friday night at CFBG.

Note: Last week’s review of Caleb Caudle’s Tobacco Town was incorrectly scored as a 70. It should have received a 77.