Soundtrack to Creativity debuts a music/art filled experience

Music is often linked with emotion. The songs we hear give life to the images that dance in our minds. On May 2 nd , art and music will join together to create a unique soundtrack.

“The EP: Soundtrack to Creativity” is a collaborative project by Menswear blogger and photographer Phillip “King Phill” Loken and X the Artist.

The event will consist of music from five “life-altering” albums taken from Phill’s iTunes library, photography that correlates with the albums and an exhibition of X the Artist’s artwork inspired by the music. Admission will be free and there will be refreshments. Any donations will go to Greensboro Urban Ministry. While this is the debut of “EP”, Phill assures that it will not be an annual event.

“The most we’d do is re-invent it a couple years down the road after I’ve gone through more of life’s experiences, but we are traveling with it; so we’ll be in different cities, showcasing our project,” Phill said.

Phil’s deep zeal for arts on different sides of the spectrum compelled him to combine music and photography into an unconventional style of entertainment.

“It’s not that I believe photography and music go hand-in-hand specifically, it’s that I believe all creative mediums are connected to each other and work well together. It’s just right now photography is the medium I’ve been giving my most effort and focus to and I have a deep love for music, so it was only right for me to combine the two,” Phill said.

Throughout my interview with Phil, I asked about the overall genre and vibe of the music. It was not much of a surprise that an artist as creative as he would give a broad and free-spirited answer. One thing he can assure you is that whatever comes out of the speakers will impact your mind.

“I can’t pick one vibe in particular because I listen to so many different artists.

I listen to everything from Led Zeppelin to The Doors then back around to Kanye West and Curren$y. I just like good music; that’s the vibe, good music,” Phill said.

While his taste in music travels across genres, Phil never learned to read music. He found it more captivating to immerse himself in music.

“Music was a world of imagination for me; it always put me in a different place than I was in physically. Around the age of 11, I started taking lessons, but I got tired of it; I didn’t like reading music and I knew that I wouldn’t ever really care to learn,” Phill said.

X the Artist has much to bring to the event as well.

X gathers his inspiration much like an environmentalist gathers recyclable bottles and cans. He takes in everything; every news cast, scene of his perception, every melody that graces his ears. X’s art contains “every day materials” such as cans and dollar bills. He still holds up the traditional style by adding acrylics and oils to his masterpiece of “organized chaos.”

This event is not going to be your typical art and music exhibit. King Phill and X the Artist are not going to hand you entertainment. Instead, you must fight for it.

“Me and X want people to leave with a sense of enlightenment. During the exhibition, you’re going to hear music you like and music you don’t like; I want people to question everything. I just want people to think more and stop being okay with whatever is being given to them,” Phill said.

“EP: The Soundtrack to Creativity” sends you more than an invitation to attend. They send an invitation to ignite your soul. If you hate a song, scream about it. If you love a song, cherish the impact it has on your life. Stand up for the art and sway with the music.

The performance takes place from 6-10 pm on on May 2 at Civic Threads, 527 S. Elm St. in Greensboro. !