by Lenise Willis

You might hear a familiar voice and the warming sounds of a banjo Thursday at Triad Stage’s The Pyrle, but it’s not for an encore production of Snow Queen. Instead, famed songwriter and local musician Laurelyn Dossett will be performing a musical set of new and old pieces, including those written with Preston Lane, the theater’s co-founder.

In An Evening with Laurelyn Dossett, the award-winning and talented singer will perform some of her new and old works with multi-instrumentalist Scott Manring, bassist Jason Sypher and Mark Olitsky (banjo cello and five-string banjo).

Theater fans might recognize a few of the pieces from previous performances because Dossett will include some of the songs she wrote for Lane’s originals. It’s fitting because she’ll be back on the theater’s main stage for the concert, only this time she won’t be hidden behind a curtain.

“I cannot overstate how much my work with Preston and Triad Stage has made me the artist I am today,” Dossett said. “Their commitment to professional theater and creative collaboration, and their belief in me “” before I had even written one word for them “” has been transformative. Triad Stage is home, and this show feels like a big, slightly messy, crazy lovefest-house concert. I am excited and grateful.”

Dossett says the theme of the concert is all about “connectedness,” how we’re connected “” or not “” to one another, to nature, to ourselves.

“My primary focus with this concert is to continue to explore and develop the wide range of styles and sounds that this particular combination of musicians can produce,” Dossett added.

“All three (musicians) are great listeners and complement each other as they play. (There’s) so many textures and colors. It’s almost like textile weaving except the threads are sounds. It’s just all about the music and the story.”


An Evening with Laurelyn Dossett performs for one-night only at Triad Stage, 232 S. Elm St., Greensboro Thursday, March 5, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $21.35. For tickets and more information visit or call 272-0160.