by Karen Phillips

The 10 Best Organic Foods’ Randomly Compiled By Karen Phillips


The skin of a peach, with its delicate fuzz and soft texture, is reminiscent of a newborn baby. And like a newborn, peaches will catch whatever ailments may be lingering around them, namely pesticides. Many fruits and vegetables can be washed in order to remove chemicals and other poisons they’re treated with, but because of their thin skin, peaches absorb pesticides and fungicides directly into their flesh. Be a peach, would you? Go organic on this one.


With tougher skin than peaches, apples, one of the most popular fruits, can absorb much of their pesticides through the base and the stem. While peeling is a possibility to remove some of the pesticides, most of the nutrients in an apple are found in its skin. Reducing our intake of pesticides can reduce certain cancer risks and other health impairments. So eat an organic apple a day to keep the doctors away.


Due to overcrowded feed lots, cows are fed antibiotics on a daily basis for disease prevention. Cows are also given hormones to one ‘ speed growth and increase meat production, lowering feed costs. These antibiotics and hormones remain in the fat of the meat. Organic meat is leaner and healthier. Grass-fed beef also has more omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. If you can’t spring for the organic option, be sure to look for “hormone and antibiotic free” on the label.


Many cows are injected with the bovine growth hormone, rBGH, to help increase milk production. These hormones transfer into the milk they produce. American-made cheeses can also contain this hormone. Europe and Canada have banned the use of rBGH, which has been linked to increased cancer risks, primarily breast cancer and early puberty in young females. Be sure to spend the extra money on organic milk, or milk clearly labeled “NO rBGH.”


Similarly to milk and meat, it’s important to buy organic eggs because whatever the chicken eats transfers into the eggs it lays. Chickens are given antibiotics and growth hormones, just like cows are. Organic eggs don’t have these to worry about. Plus, organic eggs are higher in omega-3 fatty acids. Two bonuses.


Strawberries don’t wear jackets to protect them from their environment. Any pesticides sprayed on them are absorbed through their skin and into their bellies. Make sure you go organic on these sweeties. Plus, you’ll also notice a juicier, richer flavor from the real deal.


A “superfood,” and something we should all include more of in our diets, studies have shown spinach to have residue from more than 10 different pesticide. Spinach is rich in antioxidants, high in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin K. No wonder Popeye loved it so much. Just make sure you splurge for the good stuff. Keep this in mind when you’re eating other leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, and collard greens as well.

Baby Food

Pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals are especially harmful to developing babies. Baby food is made up of condensed fruits and vegetables, more thank likely concentrated with pesticide residues. If there’s anyone who deserves a healthy diet, it’s your very own pride and joy, so feed her well with organic baby food.


Potatoes and other root vegetables get a double dose of pesticides, both above ground on the foliage, and in the soil where they grow. Potatoes are also treated with herbicides and fungicides. The three different types of chemicals being absorbed directly into the spud cannot be scrubbed or peeled off. One main pesticide commercially used on potatoes is Chlorothalonil, which can be particularly harmful in children, and has been linked to high rates of asthma. Organic potatoes today help keep the inhalers at bay.

Bell Peppers

One of the most heavily contaminated vegetables on the market because of their delicate skin, washing them won’t do the trick. If you’re interested in incorporating these wonderful fruits into your salads and barbeques for some added Vitamin A and Vitamin C, make sure you spring for the organic version.