by Brian Clarey


Tony Wilkins

With Greensboro City Council District 5 rep Trudy Wade’s election to NC Senate District 27 last week, the city is left with a gap on council. Council members will choose her successor before she heads to Raleigh next year. But we have some ideas of our own. We endorsed Tony Wilkins for the seat in 2011 — he lives in the district and has served on the War Memorial Commission and as executive director of the Guilford County GOP. He also knows a good taco when he sees one.

Kathleen Sullivan

Greensboro realtor Kathleen Sullivan also fits the bill, with time on the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress and the Minimum Housing Standards Commission. Plus she’s from Buffalo, NY — good because, for some reason, there are an inordinate amount of people from Buffalo currently living in Greensboro.

Myra Slone

Here’s an idea: Why not pick the candidate who Wade defeated for her Senate set? Myra Slone may live in Kernersville and she may be a Democrat, but city council is nominally non-partisan and she might be interested in moving to the 5th District, which is right near her native city of High Point.

Don Vaughan

We could also consider the man Wade replaced in District 27 for the gig. Sen. Vaughan could easily do the job — he served on the council for years, and his wife is currently an at-large representative. He’d have to move to the district, though, and of course his wife would have to recuse herself from the vote to give him the post.

Kathy Hartsell

Hartsell gets consideration because of her position as one of Wade’s most loyal supporters — she worked on Wade’s campaigns and is a regular presence in Greensboro’s conservative online community. District 5 is the most conservative in the city, so it makes sense for someone from the right to take the seat.

Jorge Cornell

It’s good to consider who actually wants the seat by looking at Wade’s former opponents in her races. In 2011 she ran against Jorge Cornell, the North Carolina leader of the Latin Kings. But Jorge is in federal court right now facing racketeering charges. We should know in a few weeks if he is convicted.

David Crawford

Crawford also put his name on the ballot for District 5 in 2011 before announcing his withdrawal in late September. Crawford is best known for backing a man named Kirk Perkins — not the former Guilford County commissioner — for the Soil & Water board, though at the time we were unable to prove that Perkins existed. He also likes to make fake Facebook profiles of scantily clad women and befriend public officials with them.

Art Boyett

Boyett, a retired Guilford College accounting professor and amateur actor, squared off against Wade in 2009 with strong opinions about transparency and infrastructure. But Boyett has since disappeared from political life.

Sal Leone

No doubt Leone, who ran unsuccessfully for an at-large seat in 2011, would be elated to take the position. The Thomasville police officer never heard a question he wasn’t glad to be asked, and he’s got to cut his political teeth somewhere.

John Hammer

The editor of conservative weekly the Rhinoceros Times may not live in the district, but he is an unabashed fan of Wade’s, endorsing her every chance he can, defending her record and carrying her message. Also, Hammer has been a fixture at city council meetings for decades and has even run for office a couple of times already; he certainly understands how council works. Getting him to move across town would take some convincing, though.