Azalea Banks @azealiabanks

Whether using misspelled homophobic slurs or calling out other rappers, she is way more entertaining on Twitter than she is when she is rapping.

Ghostface Killah @ghostfacekillah

He consistently engages his fans, including me, with requests for their favorite lyrics. Also, he drops knowledge regularly.


Wading through the unbelievable oddities that ramble through this man’s brain could be my life’s passion.

Andrew Nosnitsky @noz

Even if he’s simultaneously a bit standoffish and high-minded, no one is talking about rap the same way. I love that, whereas others can’t stand it.

Nah Right @nahright

I follow specifically to get new rap music as soon as it comes out, but looking up responses to a nonresponsive Twitter is also fun. Do that.

The Combat Jack Show @combatjackshow

Listening to these dudes talk about rap is must-hear podcasting, so the Twitter only elucidates the process.



His “daily game” tweets are must-follow philosophies. “Daily Game: Don’t telegraph your moves” is a personal favorite. Plus he plugs “Law and Order: SVU.”

50 Cent @50cent

He may not make commercially viable rap anymore, but he certainly has a flair for finding morally corruptible women to talk to in a NSFW fashion. If you find that as sociologically disarming as I do, then this is your jam.

Action Bronson @actionbronson

He writes pure nonsense in between plugs for his music. “Conveniently Jewish.” “I think I’ve just come down with a case of publishing.” “Dabby Devito.” Etc.

Tony Allen @aa000G9

Okay, so he’s an NBA player. He talks about rap a lot, though. And when he talks, generally, you should be listening. There’s nothing more absurd than a late-night Tony Allen twitter explosion. Trust me.