by Kaitlyn McBride



Staying up late

I’m 17; I figure I’ll sleep when I’m dead. There are so many great things that seem to transpire as the dark hours of the morning pass by. I can discover new bands, chat with my friends about school or work and sometimes even do productive things like clean my room. Things just seem to happen more easily when everyone else is asleep.


Material things certainly aren’t the foundation of life, but they do hold a level of importance to young people. Going shopping, whether alone or with some friends, can be somewhat therapeutic. I always end up browsing around for hours and finally see something I like, and I know I have to have it. That glorified walk to the register, the slight heartbreak of surrendering my money but the satisfaction of having something new is so euphoric to me.

Really loud music

Teenagers are at an age where self-expression is pivotal. Music is one of many outlets utilized to accomplish this. That being said, finding a band or a song that I feel defines who I am or things I’ve experienced is a beautiful discovery. It’s also something I feel the need to let everyone else experience, and so I max out the volume on my stereo, phone or car radio and become an instant disturbance. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Eating everything in sight

Food. I could stop there, and I’m sure everyone would understand. I can’t explain why I’m always hungry. I just know that I am. Having a high metabolism and seemingly endless energy are beneficial factors in my dietary habits, but I try to work out and stay fit because I know I can’t rely on either of them for much longer. So, until forced to watch what I eat, I just let everyone else watch while I eat.


Okay, I know that a large percentage of you adult people have a smart phone. Some of you understand the convenience of texting, and some of you completely detest its existence. This is understandable, because when I was younger I remember calling my best friend every night and tying up the line for hours. But now, in a world of multitasking and distractions, being able to “instant-message” on your phone is a blessing.

Social Media

This is another double-sided coin. There are many adults that have integrated social media into their lives, my own parents and grandma being a few. But of course there are a percentage of adults who find social media unnecessary and time consuming, and probably most of all just plain difficult. The reality of social media is the fact that it has revolutionized the way we as humans communicate, advertise and so much more. While I do find it to be a bit of a vice at times, I’m not sure where my social life would stand without it.

Taking pictures of food

In my life, I can safely say that I don’t take pictures of every meal I have and post them online, probably because I eat too frequently and quickly to waste time photographing it, but I digress. I suppose then I can’t accurately explain why this occurs amongst young people, but my guess is they’re trying to be artsy and expressive, so to each their own. I never waste time doing anything but eating when there’s food in front of me.

Lack of communication

If you are an adult, you know that communicating with your kids is an important part of being a parent. You probably also know it’s one of the most challenging aspects of the parent/child relationship. As a teenager, I know that it’s not always easy talking to my parents about things because I anticipate reactions that range from explosive to completely indifferent. The more open you are with your kids, and the more you genuinely care about what they have to say, the better chance you’ll have of eliminating hesitation and establishing a healthy relationship.


Let’s face it: You adults just do not understand why we wear what we wear. This all goes back to expression, and the things we choose as outlets. Music, clothing, hairstyles, and makeup — all of these things make up who someone is. Whether it’s plaid and khaki or all black and studs, the way someone dresses is often an indicator of his personality. Keep in mind though that character and personality can differ tremendously in a person, and someone’s dress isn’t something by which you should judge him.


Do you remember being a kid? Spending all day running around, playing tag, hopscotch and jumprope? Then you got older, and wanted to go out and do things with your friends being driven around by your parents, trying to be as cool as possible. In a few years you got your license, a job, started paying for things with your own money and realized growing up is going to be hard. Well, I am mostly at that point, and therefore want to do what I have to and absolutely nothing else. If I can get by with waking up, working, coming home and going to bed, then I will. And I do. Just leave a sandwich under the door, I’ll get to it later…but make sure it’s picture worthy first!