by Brian Clarey



“Carlos Danger”/ Anthony Weiner

You’ve got to hand it to Anthony Weiner, who became a household name in 2011 after a sexting scandal forced him to resign from his post in the US Congress. He announced in May his intentions to run for mayor of New York City this year, but last week news popped up of his continuing sexual escapades, much of it conducted under the online alias “Carlos Danger.” There are so many awesome jokes to make here I can’t settle on just one, so I’ll move on.

“WASP 101”/ Bryan Holloway

NC Rep. Bryan Holloway (R-Stokes) steadfastly maintains that he is not the author of the preppy WASP 101 fashion blog, known online as “Richard,” that contained some insensitive and misogynist copy. But Chad Nance at Camel City Dispatch compiled a list of similarities between the state rep and the fashion blogger: They have the same birthdays, both have dachshunds named Governor and they own some identical pieces of clothing.

“Nick Danger”/ Mike Easley

Back in 2010, after former NC Gov. Mike Easley admitted felony-level campaign finance violations and left office, it surfaced the he had been maintaining an e-mail account with the name Regnad Kcin — “Nick Danger” spelled backwards — as a back-channel for official communications.

“Jeff Gannon”/ James Guckert

Does anyone remember Jeff Gannon, a footnote to the Bush 43 presidency who was given daily White House press credentials for fake news site Talon News. He caught the nation’s eye when he asked then-President Bush a softball question about Democratic leaders “who seem to have divorced themselves from reality.” It was quickly discovered that Gannon, AKA James Guckert, AKA “Bulldog,” was employed as a gay escort prior to his career in journalism. And though he says he never spent the night at the White House, Secret Service records document numerous occasions when he checked into the facility but never checked out, and that he was there on several occasions when no press events were scheduled.

“Deep Throat”/ William Mark Felt Sr.

Deep Throat was the name given to the confidential source cultivated by journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein during their historic series of Washington Post articles on the Watergate scandal. Woodward and Bernstein swore to keep Deep Throat’s identity a secret until he died, but in 2005, Felt, a former FBI agent and associate director, came forward. Felt passed in 2008.

“Richard Burwash”/ Mike Winder

Mike Winder, mayor of West Valley City, Utah, was sick of the bad publicity his town was getting, so he began writing freelance articles under the byline “Richard Burwash” for the Deseret News and other outlets, focusing on positive news about the community. He embellished the character with a fake e-mail address and Facebook page. He is still in office.

“Lou Sarah” /Sarah Palin

In 2011, the former vice-presidential candidate and governor of Alaska created a Facebook page under the name “Lou Sarah” — her middle name is Louise — and began “like”-ing her own, Palin-written Facebook posts and issuing statements of support on her daughter Bristol’s page.

“Ursula”/ Frederick Federly

This one comes from Sweden, where member of Parliament Federly was asked in 2010 about plane tickets he had accepted while in office. Federly explained that he had accepted the tickets not as a government official, but as his drag-queen persona, known as Ursula, so he could perform in the Canary Islands annual drag-queen carnival.

“Victoria Adams”/ Jesse White

Pennsylvania state Rep. Jesse White (D-Allegheny, Beaver, & Washington) does not like the process of hydraulic fracturing known as fracking, so much so that he created a slew of fake online personas — one of them was Victoria Adams — to troll fracking supporters on comment threads. It came to light just last month.

“Ayn Rand”/ Alisa Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum, who was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, adopted the name Ayn Rand when she emigrated to the US around 1925 at the age of 21, to protect her family still living under communist rule. She didn’t start publishing novels until 1936 with We the Living. Her book Atlas Shrugged, which has become a manifesto of some elements within the Republican Party, didn’t come out until 1957.