by Alex Ashe & Eric Ginsburg



All-Star Plumbing

2013 has been a busy year for McDaniel. She’s been involved in more than 26 lawsuits since January. Legal action against her — stemming from an alleged $2,925 unpaid invoice to All-Star Plumbing of the Triad — was continued in July because she had “a Civil Superior Court hearing in Rowan County on that same day” against Wells Fargo. The sheriff’s deputy who served her noted that she refused to accept the papers he delivered, that he dropped them at her feet and that she took photos of his car to file a complaint. The charges were dismissed when the plaintiff failed to appear last month.

Failure to appear

They say that showing up is half the battle. “Queen Get ‘Er Done” doesn’t seem like the appropriate nickname for someone who lost a case for failing to appear, but after suing Charles Quinn Miller and Everett B. Saslow, Jr. for $5,000 “to recover damages stemming from wanton obstruction of justice and conspiracy to put plaintiff out of business,” that’s exactly what happened.


Perhaps her most well-known lawsuit, McDaniel filed a claim against the downtown Ham’s “to recover from common law robbery, deceptive business trade practices, discriminatory treatment and general suffering.” She’s asking for $502. As an aside, when YES! Weekly asked McDaniel where she wanted to meet for a candidate interview prior to the lawsuit, she picked the same Ham’s.

A losing bet

Almost exactly a year ago, McDaniel took legal action against Ajami Becton and Hansen Defreitas seeking $647 “to remedy monetary damages, actual loss of property and pain and suffering resulting from criminal case for assault on a female.” Those sound like pretty damning claims, but McDaniel lost and was forced to pay court costs. With so many lawsuits connected to one person, many of them being thrown out or dismissed, it’s no wonder the legal system is backed up.

Bone man

In 2012, McDaniel sought more than $1 million over treatment for an injury to her right ankle and foot. She alleged that Dr. Paul and his staff administered a cortisone injection with neither a numbing agent nor McDaniel’s consent, causing her further pain and nerve damage. In her complaint, McDaniel asserted Dr. Paul was guilty of malice, and wrote that “the nurse seemed eerily delighted and appeared to revel in [my] pain and helplessness.”

Though the case was dismissed in Superior Court this May, McDaniel, hopeful that she can still “get ’er done,” has made multiple appeals for a new trial, filing one as recently as August 30.

Queen without a castle

Though typically the plaintiff, McDaniel has been the defendant in some recent civil suits, as well. One such case involved the Randleman-based Four Corners Realty, which took McDaniel to court in 2012 in regards to overdue rent payments, more than $3,000 in total, on her Greensboro apartment. Instead of seeking the rent money, the realtors sought a writ to evict McDaniel, who subsequently moved out.

City of Greensboro

In August, McDaniel motioned to add the city of Greensboro and Chief Building Inspector Marshall Perry as third-party defendants in her ongoing Superior Court case against Charles Quinn Miller, who she accused of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and deceptive trade practices. Miller had rented McDaniel an Elm Street building that she ran her business, Passion Live, out of before it was eventually condemned in March. McDaniel claims that by intervening and condemning the building, the city has contributed to “effectually put her out of business.”

Marvin and Shantae Mann

McDaniel sued Marvin and Shantae Mann for $5,000 earlier this year for communication she described as “intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” The case was dismissed, however, when McDaniel failed to appear in court. McDaniel filed for a restraining order against the two, who allegedly made profane and violent threats to her, and put sugar in her gas tank. The restraining orders were not issued, however.

TK Automotive

McDaniel’s 2009 suit against TK Automotive didn’t end favorably for her. Following a countersuit, she was ordered to pay the Bessemer Avenue auto repair shop more than $1,900.

Can’t lose ’em all

Tilacia Dickerson of Danville, Va. sued McDaniel in March over recovery of property worth more than $3,100. An April judgment ruled in Dickerson’s favor, but valued the property at $850. After McDaniel appealed as an indigent, the case went to arbitration in June, where it was ruled that McDaniel owed Dickerson nothing, and the action was dismissed.