by Jeff Laughlin




Those excited about the return of “Arrested Development” have been admittedly absent from normal activities. We like referential social-media statuses, agreeing with everyone to move conversations along. We have been trying to rush time. This past weekend marked the return of the greatest comedy in television history (not named “The Simpsons” Seasons 3-9). At times, the most hilarious and compelling television character fans have witnessed, the return of Buster Bluth with several years of world-weariness should provide for outlandish entertainment.

Pointed narration

Only Wes Anderson movies and “Arrested Development” gave such entertaining narration to already awesome situations. With Ron Howard being a spokesman for the show throughout the cancellation/accidental hiatus, he should be armed with some pretty hilarious inside jokes to throw at us.

Tobias Fünke, analrapist, or Davis Cross being funny again

His other forays into television, movies and stand-up aside from the Archers of Loaf-crosse joke in “Archer,” have been disastrous since 2006. Now, he teams with writers and actors who used him perfectly. Let’s hope they revive Cross and we can all celebrate him anew.

Jason Bateman

He’s been in some good movies, but they have mostly been based on his drywitted straight man Michael Bluth. Having Michael Bluth back means no more imitations. Now we get the real thing… from an actor imitating a character.


If David Cross fell off of a cliff after the cancellation/accidental hiatus, Will Arnett spontaneously combusted. He worked with “Arrested Development” writer/creator Mitchell Hurwitz on a failed show and popped up in a few things here and there, but mostly Arnett just floundered. His career might well have depended on this show being renewed.

The cavalry

Oh, the guest stars. Will Carl Weathers, Liza Minnelli, Ed Begley Jr., Julia Louis- Dreyfus (whose character should have a six-year-old Bluth by now) and other actors make their appearances? I’ve stayed away from the internet’s rumor mill so that each character that comes back will be a total surprise.

George Sr.

Only because I really love Jeffrey Tambor.

George Michael

Michael Cera, long rumored — okay, I could not stay away form the entire rumor mill — to be a major reason why the show did not reunite sooner, reprises the role that made him a star. I think fans are curious how this character grew up, and how this actor will handle it.

Spring breakout

My favorite episode in the three years of brilliant material serves also as the season of the year that the show reappears. That rules. My emotions are all out of sorts. Nervousness does not mix well with being so excited I could jump through a storefront window. The staff may have to make sure I did not end up in the Blotter.


We all hate the rushed, bland endings the writers had to plant in 2006. The “final” episode sat like yams on our collective faces; like a rotten egg. Now, though?

A world anew has already launched by the time you have read this. Plain and simple, we have “Arrested Development” back. We no longer have to hog the internet with our rumors and possibilities. I am probably working through the episodes a second time with a smile, nodding as I catch a joke I missed the first time.