Kernersville Little Theatre holds awards banquet

While proper etiquette requires that you send a Thank You card within two weeks of receiving a gift, one theater is going above and beyond with a Thank You celebration.

In honor of the end of its last season and all of the hard-working actors and volunteers and devoted patrons, Kernersville Little Theatre is hosting a banquet and awards night on August 2 at Kernersville Moravian Church.

“The purpose of our awards ceremony is to close our season and to take a moment to thank our volunteers and recognize those who went above and beyond,” said Rachel Schroeder, KLT president. “As a volunteer-based organization this is so important. We give special awards to those who have really shined.”

The covered-dish banquet starts at 5:30 p.m., followed by the annual meeting at 6:45 and a presentation of awards at 7. The jazz band Carlo and the Black Lotus Trio will sing songs from two of the upcoming productions, My Way, a Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra and The Pajama Game.

“We like to introduce songs from the following season’s musicals,” Schroeder said.

Awards will be given for leading, major, supporting and character actors and actresses, as well as for best lighting design, sound design, costume and set designs. And since the non-profit wouldn’t function without its dedicated volunteers, they’ll be awarded as well.

After four successful productions this past season, including Brigadoon, in which the theater constructed a space for a live orchestra, the theater has a lot to celebrate.

“Our season continued to build momentum throughout,” Schroeder said. “This season offered several family friendly shows that were for every audience. We concluded our season with Brigadoon, which was one of the largest casts we have ever had on stage. I think we will be seeing several of those cast members back, both onstage and off.”

As for what we can expect to see from the theater in the future, it has four more productions planned for its next season beginning in September.

“(The show I’m most looking forward to is) probably Charlotte’s Web,” Schroder said about the play scheduled for November. “Any show where there is an opportunity to get the whole family involved is a good show. We always find new volunteers with shows like this, and a lot of times end up with families who stay with us for years.”

The first show of the theater’s new season will be My Way, A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra, because “who doesn’t like Ol’ Blue Eyes?” Schroeder said.

“If you have never had the opportunity to see a show in Körner’s Folly, this would be the one to see,” she continued. “Music is beautiful in this unique space. We were so happy when we found a show that would be exciting for our audience but also fit the parameters of performing in Körner’s Folly. We have a nice wine reception during intermission that really makes for a nice evening all around.”

The rest of the season consists of The Papers in February and The Pajama Game in June, both of which will be performed at Fitzpatrick Auditorium (along with Charlotte’s Web).

“We try to showcase a season that will be fun for everyone and appeal to the Kernersville Community and beyond,” Schroeder said. “We like to have shows that are good for a nice evening out on the town, shows you can bring your kids or grandkids to see, and of course, shows that will attract actors and new volunteers.

“Choosing a season is quite the juggling act. With Pajama Game, our board had been looking at that one for a few years; it’s a classic. With The Papers, our play-reading committee had read a couple of scripts from Jeffrey Lovett, a Georgia-based playwright, and many of us just laughed out loud when we read it.” !

DID YOU know?

KLT has costumes available for rent, including Santa suits, period costumes, military uniforms and more The theater’s first show was You Can’t Take It With You in July 1977 There is no permanent home for KLT productions. Past performances have been at the Fitzpatrick Auditorium and Körner’s Folly. The theater has supported numerous community events such as Music at Twilight, Downtown Halloween, the annual Christmas parade and the Kernersville Christmas Stocking for needy families