by Brian Clarey

The Doubleclicks are blowing up. With more than 1 million YouTube hits on their channel — most of them from the poignant video for “Nothing to Prove,” which can perhaps best be described as a protest song, written for the millions of girls and women who like video games, comics, scifi shows and Dungeons & Dragons, and are tired of fanboy elitism in the scene.

How many comic books are there I haven’t read?/ I know it feels good to have a contest you win/ It would feel even better if I wanted in.

It’s a delicious piece of nerd-folk from the Portland sister act that specializes in the genre. Angela and Aubrey Webber have been doing this since 2011, after settling on a band name and registering it on the web, “which is how you officially start a band these says,” Angela says. “We’re basically musicians from the internet. We’ll sing you a love song, but it will also be about D&D.”

She’s talking about “This Fantasy World/D&D,” a lovelorn lament directed at a Level 8 dwarf with an axe that’s +2 against zombies.

One time you saved me from the mouth of a volcano/ cause you can levitate/ and it was a very clever spell choice.

Angela, a former journalist, sings and plays ukulele and guitar. Aubrey studied classical cello at the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. This is no novelty act — to assume so would put you on the same level as the guys they rail against in “Nothing to Prove.”

“Women have always been geeks,” Angela says, “I think it’s wonderful that women are becoming more visible and more vocal [in the scene].”

Their Ladies of Ragnarok tour, which will surely include the numbers “Love Song for Internet Trolls,” “Cats and Netflix” and “The Hobbit Christmas Song,” cements their own place in the annals of nerdiness.

“If I pick my areas of geekdom,” Anela says, “I’m a huge ‘Star Trak’ geek, gaming and RPGs. Those are the main ones.”

There’s plenty for comic-book fans to love, too. Ask for “Worst Superpower Ever,” which poses the question: What if you were lactose intolerant but could make thing smell like cheese…?

“It’s really great fun,” Angela says. “We play a lot of conventions, tour the country, play at comic shops, which is really, really fun. You get nerds in their natural habitat.”

The Doubleclicks play anm aftewrnoon show on Saturday at the Empire room and that evening at Geeksboro at 9p.m.