THE LANDSCAPE OF LIFE: Art exhibit opens at Gateway Gallery


The Landscape of Life art exhibit at Gateway Gallery was opened to the public last Friday evening. Gateway Gallery, located at 1006 S. Marhsall St. in Winston-Salem, held a reception that welcomed the public by giving them an evening filled with art, food and live music.

Gateway Gallery is a program of the Enrichment Center.

The Center is a not-for-profit partner agency of United Way. The Center’s art program is funded, in part, by Forsyth Technical Community College, and it is a member of the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

The artists that contributed to the Landscape of Life are represented by the Gateway Gallery, and they sell their work there and throughout the state of North Carolina.

The art on display for the Landscape of Life exhibit was unique in that it took normal sights and made them beautiful. The exhibit featured everything from flowers to animals, and it also had a nice collection of gorgeous scenic photography that made you look at a piece and say, “I wish I was there.”

The Landscape of Life featured Gateway Studio Artists such as Tim Befus, Mimi Waldrep, Danny Wilson and John Zakon.

Danny Wilson’s collection centered mostly on the view from a Lego man. In one photograph, a Lego man was standing in the middle of the yard, looking at a house. You would think that the house would look larger than life to a Lego man, but Wilson shot the scene in a way that made it look the way it would if a normal-size person, such as yourself, was looking at the house.

John Zakon displayed several of his art pieces, the one that stood out the most was a photograph titled “Sweet Silver,” that featured a cluster of silver items accentuated by light. It was a simple idea of taking something ordinary and making it beautiful.

Tim Befus had four pieces on display, and they all centered on taking a closer look at locks and knobs.

Mimi Waldrep brought a lot of local “flare” to the exhibit by showing her pieces titled “Reynolda Red ” and “Old Salem Yellow.”

The Landscape of Life exhibit also had art work from guest artists Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez and Amanda Sullivan.

Melvin-Rodriguez is a freelance photographer who once was an intern for the Carolina Panthers. Her exhibit at Gateway focuses mostly on double exposure and closeups of people. In some of her work, she shows clear silhouettes of faces that are born out of leaves or flowers.

Amanda Sullivan is the Photography Department Coordinator at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art. Sullivan had a number of pieces on display Friday evening, but perhaps the most intriguing was the “collage” photography showcased in the middle of the wall. When taking a close look, you notice that they are not regular photography, but metal prints. The collage style was visually enticing, and it made you think back to your own high school days when decorating walls in collage style photography made a room feel comforting.

Sullivan’s photographs weren’t of friends or family. The metal prints ranged from pictures of old architecture, yellow flowers and even an ATM. The display was titled “A Design for Life.”

The Landscape of Life is a calming, inviting exhibit that brings together artists who possess unique talents and passions that, combined, create a visually stimulating experience.

The Landscape of Life will be on display until July 18. !


“The Landscape of Life” will be shown at Gateway Gallery, located at 1006 S. Marshall St. in Winston-Salem from now until July 18. For more information, please call (336)-777-0076.