by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: The Magnificent SPCLGST, AKA FNGRBLST, MULCH MAN How I got it: Handed to me by my mentor MC Small Talk during a space travel adventure. Real name: Joseph Giampino What I play: I play a blend of funk, soul, electro, hip hop, rock, synth and made-fresh-to-order breaks. Catch me at: Tequila Tuesdays at White Collar Crime in Raleigh, Wednesday Nights: The Hump at the Big Easy, Thursdays at Brooklyn Heights and Buku, Friday Nights at Fivestar, Saturday Nights: The Busy Bee at the Hive. Other than the weeklies, I host a bi-monthly known as the WHAT party, along with the upcoming Swoon Unit Anniversary party, the Tones Brigade East Coast Mini Tour, Red Bull Music Academy, Scratch Academy, Hopscotch Festival, Sparkcon and the National BBOY league events. Got in the game: I started DJing when skills meant something. Why I do it: I became a DJ to pull chicks. By the way, it hasn’t worked yet. Influences: My biggest influences are the true artists who have paved the way. First pro gig: My first professional gig really depends on who you ask. Studio work: As for studio work we have Blastin’ Off, Pass the Voohoo, Starter Jackets, Night of the SPCLSGT and Live From the Blue Tile Lounge to name a few. Favorite technique: My favorite technique is making you realize that I’m greater than you. Signature mix: The mix I’m most proud of has to be Live From the Blue Tile Lounge. What I listen to: My ears ringing. Favorite albums: I could be here for days. My gear: Technic 1200s, Rane TTM56, Ortofon scratch needles. Website: I’d like to add: Swoon Unit is about to take over. You better watch out because I’m coming for you with a bag of clown noses. Dont step in Cobra Wolf Panda Grizzly Poop.