by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Tim Grau

DJ handle: Tim Trouble

What it means: It just sounded right and so I’ve stuck with it since 2008.

What I play: Dubstep, house, hip hop, ambient

Catch me at: Studio B, CFBGs, Artistika Nightclub

Upcoming shows: Thursday at CFBGs in Greensboro with 1Adam12, Tree City, Genghis Khan, DJ SpaceCamp

Got in the game: 2006

Why I do it: I love the music I play. Bringing people together and opening their ears to music they do not normally hear is a fun challenge for me. I’m always pushing myself for new songs, so things don’t become stale. It bugs me a little seeing a DJ for a second or third time and hear a ton of the same songs as before. As a DJ, I feel part of the title is to change it up and keep it fresh.

Influences: LTJ Bukem will forever be No. 1. LTJ is like the Godfather to all DJs, in my opinion. Simply no one can mess with Bukem, he is untouchable and exists on another dimension. I caught Caspa play an all-vinyl set last year in Asheville and he absolutely destroyed the club and everyone in it. Some others are Dieselboy, Bassnectar, Prefuse 73, DJ Spooky and Aphex Twin.

First pro gig: At Guilford College in 2008 because I got paid over $100.

Studio work: Coming soon, working on an EP of original material and shooting to have something ready in Summer 2010.

Favorite technique: Lately, it’s been using flangers and filters effects to get futuristic tunnel like sounds.

Signature mix: March 2009 Bedroom mix. I really like the selection and flow on that mix. I’ll be putting a new mix on the web within two weeks.

Personal playlist: My collection really is all over the place from ’60s soul, reggae, ambient, hip hop, jazz and more. The past few years it’s been mainly indie artists like Aesop Rock, Mount Kimbie, Teebs and Ariel Pink. Also, a solid number of dubstep mixes I’ve stumbled upon, such as Reso’s “Data Transmission Podcast” which is really dope. I’m also a really big Bill Frisell fan. To me, Frisell has superhuman powers with his range and tone on the guitar. The self-titled album with Ron Carter and Paul Motion is unreal.

Favorite albums: DJ DB — The Secret Art of Science, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad — Progression

Sessions 8: UK Live 2003, Beastie Boys — Hello Nasty, STS9 — Seasons 01, Flying Lotus — Los Angeles

My gear: Korg padKontrol, Akai MPD24, Roland PCR-300, Ableton Live, MacBook Pro,

I’d like to add:Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino and Back to the Future II are two of my favorite movies.