by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile

DJ handle: Tom Tom

What it means: It was given to me by a fellow DJ to describe my natural sense of direction, my ability to follow along and seemingly know which direction the music is going, and tom toms are one of my favorite instruments in the production of EDM.

Real name: Wayne Jumper

What I play: House DJ Extraordinaire, anything and all things house would be what you can expect from me on any occasion.

Catch me at: I regularly do broadcast out of the boudoir in the early mornings, but if you can’t catch me there, you can usually find me as a guess DJ at any of the local weeklies in NC. Mainly, Facebass at Club Orion and Monday Mayhem at Brewski’s to name a few strong local events. No DJ should be above playing in dorms, parking lots, trailers and whatnot.

Upcoming shows: Just did a label release party for Nomadic Promotions with LunaJade, Digital Rapport and Complex Theory just to name a few other Nomads. Taking the rest of the year off for family, then the sky’s the limit.

Got in the game: I only got serious about DJing about six years ago.

Why I do it: I’ve always been in love with music and this gives me a way of staying in touch with that love, day in and day out.

Influences: From the classics like Bad Boy Bill, DJ Irene, DJ BamBam and Carl Cox to the new sounds of Dada Life, Wolfgang Gardner, Calvin Harris, Digital Freq, Le Castle Vania and Figure.

First pro gig: Koncept Hookah in Boone about 5 years ago.

Studio work: I try to avoid production, at least until I have more free time to dedicate it.

Favorite technique: Shouryuken. Better known to the common folk as the “Rising Dragon Uppercut.” I swear, that one gets them by surprise every time.

Signature mix: It’s hard to say, but if I had to pick it would be between Taking on 2010 @135BPMS and Summer Groove 2011, which can be found on my profile.

Personal playlist: A little bit of everything.

I’m not a stranger to music, as I was a violinist for several years as well played trumpet for marching band, jazz and a few scattered local ska bands.

Favorite albums: Hmmmm, that’s a hard one. Let’s just say I like too many to narrow it down to a small group of Top 100.

My gear: As of so far, at home I generally use my Numark Mixtrack but I like a challenge and tend to play on whatever is available at the moment.

Website: Tom/158025504261540, tom-tom-3,

I’d like to add: Tom Tom loves the music!