by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ PhatRabbit What it means: Before I started DJing, I had been the Easter bunny at a local mall. My friends called me Fat Rabbit and it just kind of stuck.

Real name: Julian Cortez What I play: I play break beats: funky breaks, booty breaks and electro Catch me at: I have a monthly at Crown Station in Charlotte called Broken, a monthly at Mosiac in Raleigh and I have a live video broadcast on Wednesdays on Upcoming shows: Friday – ElectroFunk Friday at Artistika in Greensboro, July 14 – Bring the Beat Back at Club Alias in Fayetteville, July 27 – Mosaic in Raleigh Got in the game: I became a DJ 19 years ago.

Why I do it: One of my best friends was a resident at a local club in town and when I went out I was amazed at the response he would get from just playing music. “Techno music” was fairly young back then and I quickly took a liking to the sounds and asked him to help me get started.

Influences: I am and have always been a huge Florida music lover so I would say DJs like Kimball Collins, Dave Cannalte and

Andy Hudges are on the top of my list. As a breaks DJ, I would have to say DJ Icey, too.

First pro gig: My first official gig was a event thrown by the Domingo brothers back in 1994 in Durham called Essense.

Studio work: No production work but I do need to stop being lazy and do that.

Favorite technique: Play music and make people dance. Great technique!

Signature mix: Years ago, I made a mix called “Silkly Smooth” which really captured my talents. The track selections was fresh and new and just like the title the mixing was so silkly smooth. A real good response from peeps about that mix and generated a lot of gigs.

Personal playlist: I listen to a lot of mixes from DJs like Krafty Kut, Keith MacKenzie and others.

Favorite albums: Anything from Hybrid or BT. Nice progressive goodness.

My gear: Well I can use anything available at venues, but at home I have two Technics and a Rane mixer. I still use vinyl if I can still find some new stuff, but these days, I use Serato with the tables.