by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Erik Massengale

DJ handle: Erok

What it means: Internet rock/ Erik

What I play: I play high-energy sets, no in particular genre of music though. I like to even throw in a lot of TV show themes or familiar commercials, as long as you can get down to it and I can keep you on your feet with it.

Catch me at: Club Orion off of West Market Street in Greensboro every Monday.

Upcoming shows: Saturday at the Glow Party at Fire and Ice in Greensboro and July 13 at a Rave in northern Davidson near Charlotte.

Got in the game: Two years ago.

Why I do it: My dad was a DJ for forever. I saw some cool You- Tube videos of him and decided I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Influences: Les Massengale, Mike Soden, Girl Talk

First pro gig: I DJed at Sky High Hookah and was featured on 102 JAMZ.

Studio work: I have a list of my personal remixes on my Soundcloud, which I have been producing for about two years now.

My style: Blasting people with fog and bubbles during the drop of songs… or pouring liquor into peoples’ mouths over the DJ booth

Signature mix: One of my mashups entitled “Jumping Around As Fresh As Adele” on my Soundcloud page. The tracklist for it is the Fresh Prince, House of Pain, the Bee Gees, Adele and Skrillex.

Personal playlist: I’ve always been a metalhead since picking up on electronic music the past two years.

Favorite albums: Bury Your Dead — Cover Your Tracks, Death Cab for Cutie — Transatlanticism, the Shins — Australia, Dr. Dre — The Chronic (1992), Norma Jean — Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child

My gear: I prefer time-coded vinyl, but I currently use a NI-S4 controller with Traktor 


I’d like to add: I give mixing and production lessons for awesome rates.