by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Lee Budkey DJ handle: DJ84 What it means: The name hit me while I was at an RJD2 show. I liked the simplicity of using four letters and so I came up with DJ84. The D and the J are obvious plus I am originally from a town outside of Pittsburgh called Eighty Four so… DJ84 is what I went with!

What I play: Open Format. I enjoy playing so many different types of music that I can’t really say that I’m a _______ DJ.

Catch me at: I’m at the Pour House every Thursday night and every last Sunday of the month for Tacos And Turntables at El Carreton.

Got in the game: 2004 Why I do it: This is a tough question. If it makes any sense, besides the love of music and the culture, I feel that DJing chose me. The first setup I had was Pioneer component turntables that didn’t even have pitch control and a Nu-Mark mixer. The same day I got them, I bought about 20 records and started experimenting and practicing (as much as I could without pitch control). It just seemed to evolve from there. It went from practicing in my basement, to getting my first set of 1200s, to playing my first house party and then landing professional gigs.

Influences: Z-Trip and DJP are my biggest influences. Questlove, A-Trak, Klever, Craze, Beat Junkies, DJ Shadow, Mike Relm, Cut Chemist, Nu-Mark and Jam Master Jay. I can’t forget to mention James Brown and Mike Patton, not DJs but definitely an influence!

First pro gig: It was my first paid gig, I played a 50th birthday party for a friend’s mother-in-law. There were around 200 people there and it was in a ballroom of a hotel in downtown High Point. I mainly played disco, funk and R&B. That same friend is from whom I bought my first turntables!

Favorite technique: I don’t know if you would really call this a technique, but I like to drop a cover song or well known song performed in a different language during my set. For example, take the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” The intro to that song can’t be mistaken but in the version I sometimes drop, the lyrics are performed in Japanese. Or Snoop’s “Gin and Juice,” I sometimes drop a reggae cover version of it.

Personal playlist: Other DJ mixes, SoundCloud, SiriusXM Radio (BPM, Shade45, SiriusXMU), vinyl records (Nothing beats the sound of vinyl) Favorite albums: Portishead — Dummy, Lovage — Music to Make Love To Your Old Lady By, DJ Shadow — Entroducing, the Roots — Do You Want More?!!!??!, James Brown — Live At The Apollo My gear: Two Technics 1200s, Rane Mixer, MacBook Pro, Serato Scratch Live, Sure M44-7 needles and the occasional crate of records!

I’d like to add: Give me some likes and follows at, Instagram: djeightyfour, facebook.

com/84theDJ and