by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ HEK YEH

What it means: I wanted something different and wanted it to have some “mind glue” so I changed the spelling a little and came up with DJ HEK YEH.

Real name: Bryan Short

What I play: One thing I have learned in the many years of DJing is that you should be everybody’s DJ. I call myself an “open format” DJ because I will play almost anything and do not like to be held to one style or genre of music.

Catch me at: I have been at Carlisle’s Pub every Friday for the past two years and it’s one of the coolest places in town. I have been at Ziggy’s as the house DJ since they opened last year, while also committing to other venues here in the Triad with monthly gigs in Myrtle Beach. I have been very fortunate to have local promoters bring me on to DJ various events like Rings of Dreams, Twin City Beer Fest, Chris Paul Weekend, Rock the Block and more to come.

Upcoming shows: Every Monday at Ziggy’s for Service Industry Night, every Friday at Carlisle’s Pub. I travel to different venues on Saturdays, places like Mossy’s in Clemmons, Otis’s in Mt. Airy, Kono Lounge in Myrtle Beach and Greene Street for VWE’s Electric Summer events. I am playing a huge ’90s Reunion in Myrtle Beach held at various clubs Aug. 16-18 with Lisa Lisa, Tone Loc and Midnight Star.

Got in the game: I touched my first turntable in 1994 in Myrtle Beach at a club called Xanadu. DJ Jimmy Jam, (now DJ Demitri) became my teacher and to this day I will still call or text him for advice.

Why I do it: I love music! I got back in the game a few years ago after chasing the sports-agent dream for 12 years. I still have players in the NFL and players in overseas basketball leagues, but I sold my share of the firm to spend more time focusing on being Hek Yeh.

Influences: I always say if there were no Beastie Boys there would be no Hek Yeh. DJs Mix Master Mike, Hurricane, Q-Bert, AM and all of my DJ friends here in the Triad are the biggest influences to me right now. Iron sharpens iron.

Favorite technique: Beat juggle, beat match, blend, scratch, mix, etc. The title DJ has been watered down over the last few years with the use of little box-store DJ setups. The turntable DJ is an artist and the task is to be good at the art. If you went to see a band and the guitarist was playing Rock Band guitar would you call them a guitarist? If the drummer was playing Rock Band drums, would you still call them a drummer? Turntables, wax and a mixer is what a DJ is to me.

Signature mix: I am always proud of the last mix I made. As long as I see and hear improvements to the project I have just completed, then I feel like I am doing it the right way.

Personal platlist: I am a Kentucky boy, so I have bluegrass in me (we also have 8 NCAA Titles). I listen to all kinds of music though, I have to if I want to take my skill serious: Top 40, dance, hip hop, EDM, classic rock, christian, classical, metal and a smidgeon of country.

Favorite albums: This changes from week to week, however, I would have to say Licensed to Ill has to be close to the top.

My gear: Technic 1200s, Rane mixer, Shure needles, Beats by Dre headphones, Serato, Socially Inc. Clothing

Website:,, YEH,

I’d like to add: Take a few minutes to say hello to someone that you normally wouldn’t talk to, give at least five high fives a day to random people, and never miss a chance to smile and help someone. This is a tough world nowadays and we all need to help each other get through it.