by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Adam Bombthreats

What it means: For the longest time I went by the handle 1Adam12. There’s a whole other story behind that, but when I moved to Taiwan I found Adam Bombthreats to be memorable and easier for the non-native English speakers to say. It was an old school nickname that I was always fond of and I feel it is very representative of how I play to crowds because I always try to blow up the dance floor.

Real name: Adam Wiglesworth

What I play: It’s always different depending on the place and the vibe, the people and the party. I began my DJ endeavor years ago with drum and bass and it will always be my first love, but I also tend to venture from electro, all forms of house, garage, moombahton, dub, trip hop and some chillout and lounge. I’m still finding new things that get me thinking so don’t draw the line there either.

Catch me at: I’m just returning from living a year in Taiwan, where I would play Taipei quite regularly, shouts to my Night Zoo family out there! Nowadays I’ll still play shows for the many promoter friends I have around Greensboro, including Facebass at Orion, Monday Mayhem at Brewski’s Tavern, and the occasional show at the Clubhouse.

Got in the game: It was a progression. I began following labels and releases in the late ’90s, and around 2000 I bought my first turntable. Didn’t really get a hold of how to use them like I do now though until a few years later.

Why I do it: I love music, bottom line. I tend to have eclectic tastes and I love nothing more than exposing people to new music they’ve never heard before and seeing that they enjoy it as much as I do. I grew up playing the drums and dancing, so the idea of keeping beats and complex rhythms seemed natural to me.

Influences: There is an endless list of producers and DJs who influenced my tastes in music and how I like to hear it played, but as for the DJing concepts and techniques I’ve developed over the years, no one has influenced me more than the people who took me under their wings as a fledgling DJ. Massive respect to Manual Labor, DJ Panic and especially my long time tag partner and great friend Deafrent!

First pro gig: I played at Solaris downtown for my first solo gig, but my first real gig of mention was opening up for Hospital Records’ own Logistics for a Runnin’ Crew event sometime around ‘05.

Studio work: Not a lot of hands-on time in the production side of things from me as of yet. Made a slew of edits and mashups over the years, but I hope to find the patience to return to geeking out on making some of my own original works. I’m well read in the various processes involved but have not spent enough hands-on time to get a comfortable working pace for work flow yet.

Favorite technique: I just prefer nice, smooth mixing with technical blends and nice, even levels the whole way through. No peaks; I want the track to switch before you’ve even realized that is what was happening. If you can arrange and complement different drops from different songs together without making the soundscape noticeably crowded, then I’m all for that! Effects and creative cutting is fun from time to time, but I hate seeing the stuff overused or made into a gimmick.

Signature mix:: I guess I still really love my first mix I ever recorded, “Headphone Sex.” More recently, I like the range I was able to fit into my “Psy’d Step” mix on my SoundCloud.

Personal playlist: Everything, and I do mean everything. I like really chill stuff when I’m just listening to music: lots of funk and trip hop especially, but all genres of music have special spots in my heart.

Favorite albums: As far as listening, I’ll take Bonobo — Black Sands most days of the week.

My gear: Vinyl records, CDs, Technics turntables, CDJs, Sennheiser headphones and Serato when it’s not too much trouble.


I’d like to add: Massive shouts to my Underbits family back across the pond, miss you all. Also remember to support your local music scene always unless you don’t want it to be there in the future. All the stuff that does go on comes from someone’s hard work and I’ve seen plenty of it go unappreciated just to be missed once it’s gone.