by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Andrew Lewis Fessler DJ handle: AudioRush What it means: As a performance-oriented DJ, the goal is always to give people that rush you can only get from a raveexperience. My job — aside from the tech and the crowd — is the music, the audio; thus, AudioRush.

What I play: I run the gamut from trance to progressive, house, electrohouse, dubstep, hardstyle, dubstyle and DnB. I feel like all music has a correct environment, and depending on the vibe of the crowd I’ll change up the set wildly from what’s been playing all night just to get things going.

Catch me at: While as a performance DJs I don’t hold any “residencies” in the classic sense, I am the “resident” of the monthly Da Womp! headliner series in Raleigh, as well as a staple performer/ organizer in the Neon Camping series in Marion. To let you in on a secret though, I’ll be breaking that streak a bit to take a very special weekly residency or two. I can’t yet tell you where, but when you hear you’ll understand why.

Upcoming shows: Camp Neon 2012 is the primary show I’m playing at the moment, as I’m a key DJ and a co-organizer. It’s this weekend from Aug. 24-26 in Marion, and is going to be awesome.

Got in the game: I researched what it would take to become a DJ in August 2011 and bought my first mixer that month. I can’t say exactly when I “became a DJ” as there are a million arguments about what makes a “real DJ,” but I think when I started promoting/performing full time then, I’d consider that becoming a “real DJ.”

Why I do it: My then-performance partner had always loved electronic dance music and had recently gotten me into it, especially the idea of large raves. With the loss of a girlfriend at the time, I put myself to work to help me forget and a lot of that work ended up being centered on the research and practice of a DJ/promoter.

Influences: From the mainstream world, I’ve got influences from Paul Van Dyk to Dash Berlin to Brennan Heart to Madeon to Exphixa, etc. There are too many to ever list! North Carolina and its sister states have offered me just as much; I’ve dozens of DJs help mentor and teach me, from the Neon Knights in Marion to Genki in Virginia Beach to my own circle of Raleigh mentors: Lawrence Anthony, Justin Phillips, Luke Crouch and more.

First pro gig: It was also the first gig I ever produced: “Genesis” on November 20, 2012. I got to play out to a 400-person crowd in the Connections Event Center in Raleigh.

Studio work: Though what I’ve been working on is top secret, studio work has been a huge focus the last few months of my life. Expect some big noise soon.

Favorite technique: As a multi-genre DJ, I love to bring a crowd full circle by building energy until the climax of my set, then letting it coast as I slam out emotional tracks that the crowd really feels because of the great vibes.

Signature mix: I’m always proud of the most recent mix I’ve done. As a young DJ, I continue to grow and develop somewhat rapidly. The most recent project was totally out of my comfort zone, but came out really well: champagne-and-cocaine-im-alright

Personal playlist: I’m a huge music nerd, and to a certain extent I listen to every genre. I’ve always been a loyal rock fan, and you’ll find me blasting both the classic and the contemporary in the studio as I work. Oftentimes the music I’m working on is highly influenced by that rock-music feel.

Favorite albums: I rarely find full EDM albums I really love. I judge songs on a song-by-song basis. That said, every Anjunabeats album has been spectacular, and almost every track on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy was unique and individually outstanding.

My gear: I’ve been trained on dozens of setups, and more than often I’m using a pair of Pioneer 2000s when I play out. That being said, I’ve got a pair of Numark NDX800s sitting on my desk at home that are very special to me.