DJ handle: GalaxC Girl! GalaxC with a C!

What it means: I really like space.

Real name: My first name is Celeste šŸ˜‰

What I play: Audio/cisual. Music wise, I love electronic music, mostly bass music, but I don’t limit myself in genres. I’ll go all out on a theme and will play absolutely anything if it goes with the theme I’m doing. Visual/video wise, the same goes for themes but mostly tripped-out, fractal stuff, nature scenes, dancing, cartoons, science, spiritual, esoteric, funny, silly, sexy, thought-provoking, weird, random sh*t, I could go on forever….

Hometown: Asheville. Catch me at: Mostly around the Southeast.

List upcoming shows: Day of the Dead party in Asheville Nov. 2 and more in the works.

Got in the game: I did my first DJ set in summer of 2009 with Wondrous Temple of Boom (if you don’t count when I was like 11 at the radio station my dad worked at as a DJ and they’d hook me up with a whole DJ set up and I’d play records for hours pretending to be a radio DJ like my dad).

Why I do it: Music and dancing has been my religion for forever. I started DJing after rocking out as a VJ for a few years. Then I had so many people asking me to DJ and I wanted to drop in all the awesome video samples I’d been collecting as a VJ, that finally I was like why not, I’m gonna rock this sh*t out. But I don’t really do DJ sets, I do DJ+VJ, audio/visual aka AV sets.

Influences: My parents, friends, DJ Qbert, Jimi Hendrix, Brad Bitt, Nikola Tesla, people who dance really hard.

Studio work: I’ve messed around with original production and look forward to finding time for more. I released one mellow, downtempo track called “Sound Healing” as an opener on a compilation I put together called Bassage Therapy. I have more tracks on my SoundCloud for free download.

Favorite technique: Letting people hear visuals and see audio. And feedback loops.

Signature mix: It would be a DVD and it would be a hard choice. I record a lot of my AV sets live to DVD and no two sets are ever the same. I have a few fun audio mixes on SoundCloud but audio/ visual mixes are my thing.

Personal playlist: Glitch hop, IDM, D&B, dubstep, drumstep, electrohouse, lounge, jazz, funk, tribal, pretty much instrumental stuff unless it’s classic or exotic or something.

Favorite albums: That would take a few pages, ha. I’ve had so, so many since I was a little kid. But right now anything on Waveform Modulations, my fav indie label that I work with, good shiz.

My gear: Two laptops, one audio mixer, one video mixer, two or three DVD players, midi controller, projectors and sometimes flute, video-game controllers, video camera for live feed, circuit bent toys.


I’d like to add: Woohoo! Let’s get down!