by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Spurge Carter

What it means: My name, just easier to digest.

Real name: Spurgeon R. Carter, III

What I play: House, future-garage, techno.

Catch me at: I don’t have a regular spot in NC, especially since Winston-Salem’s music scene is a bit scarce. I play occasionally at Ziggy’s though.

Upcoming shows: Nov. 13 with Big Gigantic at Ziggy’s and Dec. 5 at the Red Bull DJ Masters at Ziggy’s.

Got in the game: I started bedroom DJing in high school and learning to produce once I came to college.

Why I do it: I was interested in the French “blog house” electro scene in ’06 and between me being so young and so far away from anywhere that my favorite DJs played, I spent my time collecting tracks and learning to mix to feel a connection to the international scene.

Influences: I always try to do a cohesive set so that my audience feels the rise and fall in energy in the set. So I pay attention to crowd reaction. Besides that, it’s just staying on top of what’s current and cutting edge. The best sets I’ve seen are the ones where I don’t know every song.

First pro gig: I started out doing small things around campus but my first “club experience” was actually in a tranny bar in the Lower East Side of New York City.

Studio work: This is where I’ve spent the most focus the past few months. After listening to thousands of tracks and being so picky on what I should play out, the same mentality applies to my own productions. Because of that, I haven’t put out anything since past spring but have been chiseling away at what is looking like two EPs for the end of the year. One is very much techno-influenced and the other is in-between future-garage and ’80s influenced Parisian pop. I’m looking for post-Thanksgiving and post-Christmas releases if I can ever stop nitpicking over my mixing. Oh, also a few remixes too. I finished up a Skrillex one about a week ago so I’ll play it out at the Nov. 13 show and see how the crowd likes it!

Favorite technique: Beat-match two decks with only one playing and load up a third one with an a capella. Play the a capella over the first track and ease into the second track, (the crossfader should end up in the middle so both tracks are synchronized). When the breakdown of the second track occurs, start looping the a capella and cutting down the length of time to create tension and repeat with the original track until you get close to the end of the breakdown. Bring in some filtering and start taking out the low end on all three tracks, then fade out of the first track. Let the main phrase of the second track occur and restart the a capella with this new song.

Signature mix: I haven’t recorded too many recently since I have been focusing more on production but I put out a promo mix not too long ago that I liked. I had to kind of wing it though because my soundcard wasn’t working at the time so I chose songs I knew pretty well and hoped for the best since I couldn’t pre-listen or cue in. It turned out very well though and exemplifies the progressive yet cohesive style that my mixes are all shaped around.

Personal playlist: ‘60s rock (the Animals, the Zombies, the Mama’s & Papa’s) it’s so poppy!

Favorite albums: Justice — Cross. It’s an example of a perfectly progressive and cohesive electronic album. RHCP — Stadium Arcadium is another great example of a comprehensive album.

My gear: Macbook running Traktor and Ableton, Audio2DJ and Sennheiser Hd-25, UC-33e Evolution & Akai MPK Mini and usually whatever mixer is at the club.

Website: spurgecartermusic

I’d like to add: I’m going to London at the beginning of the year to get more club exposure, I plan on steadily releasing tracks up until and while I am in London. So, you should be hearing more from me in the near future!