by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Francisco Sanchez DJ handle: Dee Jay Paco What it means: It’s a nickname of Francisco What I play: Latin rhythms, Top 40 and international music Upcoming shows: Salsa Night Party at Therapy on Wedcnesday, International & Latin Night at the Clubhouse on Thursday, Bachatav’s Reggaeton Night at Warehouse 29 on Friday, Best Latin Night at Artistika Night Club on Saturday, Top 40s, Hip Hop and International Night at TGIFriday’s at Hanes Mall on Sunday.

Got in the game: I’ve been DJing since was 14 years old, starting in September 1989.

Why I do it: Because it’s a kind of art to be a DJ. You need talent like any artist, and that’s a good feeling.

Influences: Radio station DJs, in particular those who play mix sessions.

First pro gig: Here in the United States, it was Coco Loko Night Club in Greensboro in 1999. In Mexico, it was Color Sounds Disco in Atlixco, Puebla in 1989.

Favorite technique: A clear mix, when you don’t hear the differences in the music.

Personal playlist: Anything I can find on radio and internet music websites.

My gear: Two Pioneer MK3 1000 CDJs, a Rane TTM57, Macbook Pro with Serato Scratch Live Video Mixing.