by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Special Guest, or SP- CLGST

What it means: I’m the Special Guest

Real name: Joseph Giampino

What I play: Things that make you go uGGGGHhhhhh!!

Catch me at: 5 Star, Noir and the Hive in Raleigh, Butter in Charlotte and, soon, worldwide.

Upcoming shows: The Downtown Greensboro Hand to Hand Market at the Elm Street Center on Sunday.

Got in the game: When skills really meant something.

Why I do it: To pull chicks…. By the way, it hasn’t worked yet.

Influences: All true artists.

First pro gig: Depends on who you ask.

Studio work: Live from The Blue Tile Lounge, Night of The Special Guest, Starter Jackets and S&M Projects

Favorite technique: Just destroying a turntable.

Signature mix: Vodka and cranberry, but also check out Live from The Blue Tile Lounge.

Personal playlist: Just about anything Dark Wave.

Favorite albums: Wu Tang Clan — Return to the 36 Chambers, Joy Division — Unknown Pleasures, the Cure — Staring at the Sea, Portishead — Dummy

My gear: Technic 1200s, Rane 56, and Shure needles


I’d like to add: I hope to see a UFO sooner than later…. Shouts out to Permanent Vacation and Swoon Unit.