by Ryan Snyder

Real name: DeRon Featherstone DJ handle: DeRon Juan What it means: My name came from an instructor of mine in college. She pretty much said it was a clever way to call me “Don Juan.” I just decided to use it when it came time to select a performance name.

What I play: I mostly play hip hop and R&B, both old and new. Sometimes reggae, house and go-go.

Catch me at: My regular gigs as of now are Venue, Inferno, Allure and Greene Street Club.

Why I do it: I became a DJ in my mind as a kid but technically I started actually DJing for crowds when I was in high school that carried over to my college years and still going strong today.

Got in the game: I became a DJ because I simply love music and making it flow. I have almost an uncontrollable urge to listen to music. You wouldn’t believe how many methods of listening to music I have in my home. That along with spreading the joy that music gives me to others is why I wanted to DJ.

Influences: My influences are my late cousin George. He was the first person that introduced me to the technical side of DJing. Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri and T-Luv, also. However, I find at least some influence from all DJs

First pro gig: The NC A&T University Gym Jam

Favorite technique: I would say my favorite technique would be mixing and blending. Whatever I can do to make the entire night flow smoothly.

Signature mix: I’m most proud of a Biggie mix I did to commemorate his death.It was all of his a capellas over the hottest instrumentals I could find at the time. That mix got the most praises, even from those I looked up to.

Personal playlist: Outside the club I listen to anything that I don’t play in the club, lol.

Favorite albums: Notorious BIG — Life After Death, Jay-Z — Reasonable Doubt, Redman — Muddy Waters, Ice Cube — Death Certificate, Little Brother — The Minstrel Show, Mobb Deep — Murda Muzik and several others.

My gear: I mostly use Technic turntables and Rane mixers, Macbook Pro and Ortofon needles Website: My twitter is @DeRonJuan, Instagram: DeRonJuan I’d like to add: I would just like to add that I really respect this art and I know its history. I encourage everyone to do the same whether you are a DJ or a just one that listens to DJs.