by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Stratosfear

Real name: Ryan Blair 

What I play: I play a mix of Trap, Dubstep and Electro House 

Catch me at: I play a lot around Greensboro, but mainly at the Clubhouse and Club Orion’s for Gate City Bass weekly show on Fridays.

Upcoming shows: Carol of the Bass on Friday at the Blind Tiger and I am extremely excited for our Rave Goodbye to 2012 NYE show at the Unity Events Center, where I will be opening up for DirtyCutt and Ian Grover.

Got in the game: I started DJing about a year and a half ago, but majorly upgraded all of my equipment about eight months ago.

Why I do it: I have always had a love for music and especially bass music. The composition of music has always interested me, and the idea of being able to change and mix multiple songs drew me to want to be a DJ and to write music. I use to have a bunch of really awful mixing programs and I eventually got so fed up with them I had to go out and get a controller. Best decision ever.

Influences: Bassnectar, Mt. Eden, Emalkay, Skream and Joker

First pro gig: Professional as in I got paid, ha. Well that would probably be the fi rst Trvphouse event held at the Clubhouse, which was put on by locals Ghostnote and DJ Phillie Phresh. I had a few smaller shows to get some exposure but that was defi antly the fi rst show that was more of an event or production rather than an open decks kind of night.

Studio work: When I say I am JUST getting started on some studio work I mean it. Finally upgraded to Ableton, got an MPD and have started a few projects that I am excited about.

Favorite technique: I am a big fan of having a progression throughout a mix, tempo changes and bringing in a long and heavy build up into a drop that will get everyone moving.

Signature mix: It hasn’t been released yet! I am actually waiting on the fi nalized album art to come back and it will be the fi rst installment of a monthly mix series I will be putting together. You will be able to fi nd it on my SoundCloud by next week!

Best record you own: Oh, that’s a hard one, but I would have to go with Skream’s album Skream! It was one of the fi rst records I heard when I was fi rst getting into bass music and fell in love, it was so unique.

Favorite new music: I’ve really started to get into some awesome new future bass music like Bleep Bloop, +verb, G Jones and good Trap music like RL Grime, the Regulators and Ookay.

Equipment used: I have a Traktor Controller S2 and an Akai MPD 18 that I use for looping, samples and effects.

Website: You can fi nd me on Facebook as Stratosfear and my Sound- Cloud is

I’d like to add: I would like to give a huge shout out to Gate City Bass and Bass Mafi a, two of my biggest supporters in getting me shows and throwing the best events in town. Also, big ups to Socially Incorporated and Mute Chamber Records who have both helped me out so much. Be sure to come to Carol of the Bass at the Blind Tiger on Friday and Rave Goodbye to 2012 for New Year’s Eve!