by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: MaddMixx

What it means: I actually acquired the name from a coworker about five years ago

Real name: Maxx Bell

What I play: A lot of electro house, and really anything that makes people bounce.

Catch me at: People ask me this all the time, and what’s funny is, I play in different cities around NC much more frequently then I play in Greensboro. But you can catch me almost every Thursday at Greene Street spinning with DJ Lotta Noize

Upcoming shows: I just played Rave Goodbye to 2012 in Greensboro. Outside of the Triad, there’s AFK in Raleigh on Jan. 25 and the Burn Neon 2 festival in Marion on April 20.

Got in the game: Around the age of 14, I realized what a DJ was and fell in love with the thought of it instantly. I got my dad to buy me some vinyl turntables and a mixer, the rest is history.

Why I do it: One day I realized I could get paid to do play the music I wanted to play and travel. It was no question after that.

Influences: Everything that I hear on a daily basis influences how I spin and make my music, whether it be a sick guitar riff in a hard-rock song or the song that was on the TV commercial I just watched.

First pro gig: First time I ever got paid was when I was 15 and I played a Halloween party. The first club I ever played at was Music City back when I was 16.

Studio work: I’ve been exploring a lot of different things in the studio recently. I never really had an interest in being in a studio whether that be in the digital or analog realm until this past year. With my access to GTCC’s studios and seemingly endless supply of equipment I find myself trying a large variety of techniques.

Favorite technique: Scratching for sure. I still wouldn’t say I’m good at it, but it’s one of the only techniques when it comes to spinning music that never ceases to challenge me.

Best record I own: That all depends on what day it is.

Favorite new music: A- Trak’s new EP is at the top of my playlist right now.

My gear: Two Technics 1200 vinyl turntables, Rane mixer, laptop and a Maschine beat pad.

Website: I’m still working on getting hosting and a domain name on lock.

I’d like to add: Support your local artists, whether that be a band, DJ, rapper or whatever. Just show some love.