by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ Cherry What it means: For my first gig in Boone, the bar manager asked what my DJ name was so he could put out on the board. I told him I was having trouble getting a name to stick so he said he would think of something. I was known as DJ Nolan-Cherry, DJ NOL and lastly DJ Cherry throughout the weeks. Once I somewhat made a name for myself in Boone, after awhile everyone knew me as DJ Cherry, so I stuck with it.

Real name: Jeremy Ryan Nolan-Cherry What I play: I play a lot of different things from Top 40 rap to electronic/bass music and everything in between. I found myself to be very versatile in my way of choosing tracks that keeps the audience dancing.

Catch me at: I mainly play at one of three App State bars: Klondike, Meadowbrook and Parthenon, but I am the house DJ for Parthenon.

Upcoming shows: Club Orion in Greensboro on Wednesday and Parthenon on Jan. 17.

Got in the game: I became a DJ back in December 2006.

Why I do it: My parents had always known that I was interested in music, so for Christmas as a child they bought me a bass guitar. They saw that I was very talented in memorizing beats so they moved me up to an acoustic guitar where my musical talent continued to grow. A friend one day showed me DJ Q-bert on YouTube saying that I should try spinning records. After that I knew that I wanted to get into scratching and mixing, so I asked for a Gemini set the next Christmas and from there  on out I have been a DJ.

Influences DJ Q-bert, Clever Monkeys, DJ Shadow, Gorillaz, Bassnectar, Beastie Boys, DJ Shiftee, DJ Craze, (for some odd reason) Pauly-D, Diplo, Flosstradamus, Heroes x Villians and, most importantly, Ean Golden.

First pro gig: I can’t remember the actual date but it was for a friend back in high school at the Benton Convention Center at Wake Forest. It was a birthday party and she knew that I had been DJing and would always talk about it so she hired me.

Studio work: It is interesting because I feel like I do my most solid work at my house in Boone. I have my whole setup down in the basement and continually work on my mixes there. My pride and joy though is mixing on the  fly for a gig.

Favorite technique: I would have to say my  favorite technique is seamlessly mixing high to low BPMs to create diverse sounds along with layering samples. I also like adding in loops and cue points so my music is always one of a kind in that sense.

Signature mix: From the past year I would have to say I am most proud of my mash up of “Ni**as in Paris” and “Magical World vs. Gucci” by Bassnectar.

Best record you own: The best record I did own was Toasted Marshmallow Breaks.

Favorite new music: I just recently was introduced to the TRAP, so that is what I have been working on mostly to bring to Boone.

Equipment used: I use a 15 in. Macbook Pro along with Native Instruments Traktor S2 controller and Traktor Pro 2.6 software. I also have two MRS 400 Yamaha powered speakers and two American DJ Dekker led lights.

Website: I am a graphic-design major at Appalachian State so my website is in the works but my Facebook page is Deejehycherry.

I’d like to add: Feel free to contact me for any bookings or shows. All of my information is on my Facebook page. I would like to thank all of my friends and family who constantly believed in me and got me to where I am today!