by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: No Deals

What it means: It’s an inside joke with fans of Imperial Blend

Real name: Brennan Fowler

What I play: Downtempo/ electronic/hip hop

Catch me at: The Blind Tiger, Ten-O-One, the Clubhouse

Upcoming shows: Wednesdaywith Cherub at the Blind Tiger, Feb. 15 with a Ghost Like Me at Ten-O-One.

Got in the game: November 2012

Why I do it: To make conscious music for conscious people. I normally play in my band Imperial Blend with an array of keyboards and loads of sounds and wanted to play with a lot of software synthesizers just to try them out at first. I found that I liked Ableton a lot in the process, so I began making music with the program and realizing that there are so many inspiring qualities to it for the band and myself. As I dug through all my old gear I had toss to the side for a while, I found the Launchpad and hooked it up to my computer, started to load sounds and figured a way to play the controller as a keyboard. This sparked an idea of using this in a live setting. I immediately started making music to see how people would react to what I was doing and playing in that sense. I started with one of my first recordings, “Memory,” and uploaded it to the web to get a feel for what people thought. I have been doing this project since November of last year and am having a ton of fun producing music and crafting sounds.

Influences: Telefon Tel Aviv, Bluetech, Futexture, Bonobo, Eskmo, Eliot Lipp

First pro gig: Ten-O-One in Winston- Salem.

Studio work: I just released an EP titled Asia at

Favorite technique: Ambient beats with sonic textures.

Signature mix: A track called “Asia.”

Best record I own: Prince — Loring Park Sessions 1977

Favorite new music: Livetronica

My gear: Macbook Pro, Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad