by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Hospice

What it means: I was listening to an album by a band called the Antlers called Hospice. I was reading the lyrics and they were talking of the therapy they give to the terminally ill, and it seemed to be by sole positive emotion and other encouraging methods that they helped these peoples’ transition be more beautiful than painful. So personally, music for me has always been a spiritual outlet rather than an extraneous hobby and frankly, it means more to me than some watered-down and generalized religious dogma. So the type of therapy delivered to hospice patients parallels that of which music provides me with. That is my job, to make people happy. Plus, if they don’t like it I can just change it to Ho-spice, ha.

Real name: Santiago Emmanuel Londono

What I play: .I honestly hate restricting myself to genres because I feel that people would make even more amazing and experimental music if there were no categories. So, I try to go all over the place.

Catch me at: Well, besides my attic, I usually play sorority date functions and at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, but hope to branch out soon.

Got in the game: June 14, 1991. The day I was born.

Why I do it: Music is everything to me and maybe it can be everything to somebody else.

Influences as a DJ: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Skrillex, Lumiox, BassNectar Zeds Dead, Armin Van Buuren, Mr. Deadmau5, the Antlers, Amtrac, the M Machine, my best friends and above all homie, Life. The list can go on forever….

First pro gig: My first professional show was the Red Bull DJ Masters competition and nobody showed up. It was the sole best experience of my life because I still made my best friends in the front go crazy.

Studio work: As far as my finished work, I have yet to put any on the internet because I am bit of a perfectionist, but be on the look.

Favorite technique: Honestly, there are many techniques that I love using and making one my favorite, might limit what I make. However, Since the beginning, reading a crowd’s mood and mimicking their energy through the right song is always a pleaser.

Signature mix: I just made the mix that I am most proud of and I hope to have it up on my page soon. It will be called “The Rabbit Hole.”

Best record you own: Where it all began? I guess I’ll just say Significant Other by Limp Bizkit, because it was my first album.

Favorite new music: First of all, most of the new genres have already existed, died and have been reborn, but I’m currently obsessing over dancehall and drum ‘n bass.

My gear: I have two 12-inch subs, two 15-inch PAs, Ableton, Traktor, an Oxygen controller and a Kontrol S2 set up in my attic…. What more can a man ask for in life? I am working to master Ableton and pull everything together to bring a unique edge to my music.

Website: I used to run a music blog called but I moved to making music and am currently in the process of creating a Hospice page, but just check out my Facebook.

I’d like to add: Get RAAAATCHEETTT with Gate City Bass. That is all.