by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Kid Caribe

What it means: My mother is from the Bahamas and I hold my Caribbean culture very closely, also because of my age, 19, my friends refer to me as “Kid” a lot. It took a while for me to settle on “Kid Caribe,” but in the end I decided that it was what best represented me.

Real name: Jordon Glover

What I play: I absolutely have a love affair with anything moombah. Moombah is a fusion of slowed down Dutch house and reggaeton. It has the signature two-step beat usually heard in island jams, dancehall, etc. I also really get into electro house, trap, house, dubstep… anything electronic to sum it up nicely.

Catch me at: I play all throughout Greensboro usually. My known spots are the Clubhouse and Brewski’s, though.

Upcoming shows: The first two Mondays of February, Brewski’s is having a Tag Team competition, and I have entered that. Also on Feb. 21, there is a new monthly starting up in Mebane called, Sounds of the Underground (Vol. 1), I have the pleasure of kicking off that new series with Capital Crown Entertainment. Then on March 8, I am spinning at the resurrected TRVPHOUS3.

Got in the game: I became a DJ almost two years ago. I overheard my now good friend, Cody, talking with some people and I heard him say he was a DJ. I pulled him aside and asked him to show me the ropes, from there my love for music started to really take form and grow.

Why I do it: I became a DJ because I allowed me to create an escape for myself from everyday life. I could step up to the decks, turn my speakers all the way up, and lose myself. It also provided me a way to not necessarily control it, but to shape it into a form I could relate to.

Influences: Sazon Booya, Dillion Francis, Redstar, Jay Fay, Valentino Khan, Brad Smit, Bro Safari, Rukus the Maniac and tons more.

First pro gig: It was an event called Campstep. I played on the stage sponsored by Billionaires. It was not only my first professional gigs, but a very memorable and important gig to me. I made a lot a new friends and family.

Favorite technique: EQ kills. I love to bring in a track from nothingness. It makes me feel like I am actually crafting and creating the next track, blending it with the other track into a whole new concept. Then allow it to play out and really take form. It’s the absolute best feeling ever.

Signature mix: My partial edit from Campstep, “Campstep Set 10-27-2012.” It shows how much I like to vary my genres and showcases some of my favorite techniques.

Best record I own: This is a hard one. The overall favorite I have that I never get tired of is Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of the Day. And when I say record, I mean I have that gem on VINYL!

Favorite new music: I usually don’t hold favorites when it comes to music. I try to venture out as much I can and really dig deep for the best music.

My gear: VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition with Trak- tor Pro 2.


I’d like to add: I would definitely like to thank Nathan “Redstar” Smith and Leslee “Miss Luna” McDonald, for taking me in and really polishing me as a DJ and a person. Also, I’d like to thank Drew Burdick. He was the one who took a chance on me and provided a spot on his stage on Campstep. Last, but not least, much love to everyone to has helped and advised me to get to where and who I am today. You have no idea how much I appreciate you all.