by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Clint Hill DJ handle: DJ Clovis What it means: Clovis was a nickname given to me by my friend Kris Cline 10 years ago, and when I started to DJ my friend Ben Truitt started to call me DJ Clovis and it stuck.What I play: Mostly Top 40, electro house, EDM, trap and dubstep Catch me at: Club Orion in Greensboro every Thursday night for college night.Got in the game: August 2012 Why I do it: I really enjoy music and I knew I would love playing music for other people.Influences: My friends DJ EROK and DJ 3rd Eye have been big influences and have taught me a lot about the art of being a DJ.First pro gig: My first professional gig was an opportunity given to me at Club Orion on a Wednesday night.Favorite technique: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite technique; I try new things all the time and I like all the aspects of DJing.Signature mix: I’ve done far better mixes, but the one I’m most proud of was a dance mix that I put together as a promo that helped me land my first gig.Favorite new music: To me, being a DJ isn’t about what I like, but more about what my audience wants to hear. I’ve grown to like Top 40 since that’s what most people enjoy.My gear: For now, a Gemini CNTRL-7 accompanied with my laptop and Virtual DJ software. My personal speaker is a JBL Eon 515XT, but I usually use a venue’s house system.Website: I’d like to add: I want to thank everybody that has supported me and kept me motivated. You all know who you are and I appreciate you more than you know. A special thank you to Ben Truitt and Christina Hamdan for continuing to push me and for supporting me at every event I do. Be sure to check out and like my Facebook page to stay up to date on where I’m playing and any special events that I’m doing. I’m at Club Orion every Thursday night and everything is half price all night!