by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: IceX

What it means: Interestingly enough, this name had a lot of thought put into it. They say that water is the key to all life on earth and ice, to me, is a representation of a solid life. I’ve always felt that music enables me to feel this solidarity. “X” is used as a Roman numeral for “10” which is the day I was born.

Real name: John Dustin Hair

What I play: Anything from house and trance to the filthiest dubstep and drum n’ bass. I enjoy EDM as a whole and love to throw down whatever the crowd loves.

Catch me at: I play every Thursday in Downtown Mebane at Fourth Street Bootleggers. Being in the location I’m at I tend to travel out to various cities in the state such as Greensboro, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Charlotte for most of my shows.

Upcoming shows: Feb. 21: Sounds of the Underground feat. Sarah Burns, IceX, Jaws, Kid Caribe and TRIP, with more coming up in Atlanta, Chapel Hill and Charlotte. You can always keep up to date at

Got in the game: December 2011

Why I do it: I love spreading good music and what better way to spread the love than to be a DJ. I have been in various bands throughout my life and this was just one more music project to add to my list. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Influences: Excision, McMash Clan, 16bit, Noisia, Infected Mushroom, AvB, Kaskade, Feed Me

First pro gig: My first gig was at a local Hookah Bar back in March 2012. The place was packed and I was super nervous. Turned out quite well though. My first major gig was in Atlanta this past January where I played alongside Jaws in front of an amazing crowd. Best show I’ve done by far!

Studio work: Just released my latest house track entitled “Nibiru” back in January. You can grab the free download at You can also grab free downloads of the rest of my tracks as well!

Favorite technique: I really enjoy bringing in multiple tracks in the same key and creating a completely new track on the fly.

Signature mix: My latest electro house mix “Paradiso,” which you can listen and download here:

Best record I own: Surprisingly, the best record I own isn’t EDM related at all and in fact it is Aenima by Tool. One of the most inspirational albums I’ve ever listened to and surely helped me expand my musical tastes as a child.

Favorite new music: The McMash Clan out of the UK have been producing some of my favorite tracks recently. Their track “Kick Ass” gets me super hyped before a show!

My gear: My equipment of choice would be the Traktor S4 but I plan on making some investments and switching over to Pioneer CDJs.


I’d like to add: I would like to give a shout out to some of the greatest people I’ve met since getting into this scene: Doug “Shellshock” Knox, Nic “Jaws” Jaworski, Jessica Foster, Caleb “Ghostnote” Reed, Jordon “Kid Caribe” Glover, Sarah Burns, Josh Corcoran and everyone who continues to support me in my dream!