by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: The Silent Treatment/DJ KateMoss

What it means: The nickname Kate- Moss was originally gained among friends who jokingly named me that after about a summer of weight loss (the healthy kind, mind you!) and the name just became mine. Realizing Kate Moss’s legal team may be stronger than mine, I chose the Silent Treatment as a new identity in lieu of a cease and desist and to mark the beginning of a different sound for me.

Real name: Nathan Butler

What I play: I can’t pick a genre I’d call home — ouse, electro, Miami bass, Carioca, Baile funk, kuduro, B-more, hip-hop, rrap… anything from reggaeton all the way to moombahton.

Catch me at: Most of Castle Mcculloch’s many famous events: the Beer & Fear Bash, Mardi Gras at the Castle, Caribbean Carnevale as well as many venues throughout the Southeast.

Upcoming shows: Mardi Gras at the Castle — main room — the Great Hall with Greensboro native-gone NYC party rocker DJ Craig. All night. This Saturday. Castle McCulloch. Jamestown.

Got in the game: 1995

Why I do it: So that I don’t have to dance and can continue to hang out in the DJ Booth. Mainly my undying passion for music.

Influences: The Hardkiss Family and Sunburn, FannyPack, DJ Craig, Amon Tobin, Si Begg, Tipper, Dj Funk, Bonde do Role, Anthony Rother, Tiga, Tenaglia, DJ Screw and Houston hip-hop like Trae the Truth and UGK.

First pro gig: Babylon on Elm street in 1998. I had the honor of playing first in a roomful of my musical idols as they danced to my awkward first set before they played later in the night. It was the Charlotte the Baroness’s Electric Manor release tour with the Sunburn label showing up in force to play with a live drummer.

It was magical.

Studio work: Production of original soundtrack material for Epic Kites kiteboarding DVDs under the moniker TripleNegative and hundreds of promotional mix CDs.

Favorite technique: First of all, surprising the crowd. I never use a crossfader, just confident drop-ins…. And NO REWINDS (unless the promoter does it for you himself).

Signature mix: “Depth Charge,” a mix by KateMoss.

Best record I own: The original Digital Mystikz — Anti War Dub 12-inch on DMZ.

Favorite new music: Machinedrum, Canblaster, Juke Ellington, Cocky Balboa, Shackleton, Appleblim, Lorn, Munchi, Tipper, the list is really long.

My gear: Livid instruments Ohm-64 (handmade in Texas), Mac Mini, two Technics 1200s, Ortofon Nightclub Elliptical stylii and records of course.


I’d like to add: Big thanks to Craig Vaughn and Patika Starr for helping start it all. Craig was one of the founding fathers of the dance-music scene in this area, and Patika is the thread holding it all together to this day. Patika, the Castle Team, and I are flying Craig down from NYC this weekend where the two of us will form like Voltron to light the castle up all night. This is a reunion not to be missed.