by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Stephen Little

DJ handle: DJ Eagle Man

What it means: Friends been calling me that since my school days, Eagle Man, because I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I’m Eagle Man the Eagle fan.

What I play: I play all types of music, but I like the true underground style of hip hop. I do it all, but I got a true love for the underground with its culture and everything; the break-dancing, graffiti, clothes, everything.

Catch me at: I have the Grown Folks Fridays series Ziggy’s, along with some other shows here and there.

Upcoming shows: I’m opening at Ziggy’s for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic on Saturday, and Naughty By Nature at Ziggy’s on Sunday with Naughty by Nature.

Got in the game: I was born to do it. It was something that was given to me as a very small child and then it just happened to become a musical form for me. I was doing DJ tricks when I was 2 and 3 years old. There would be a song coming on “Soul Train” and I would try to put that record on at the same time and scratch it on my Speak and Say. Later on that would become a musical form known as “deejaying.”

Influences: It’s God that I like. I didn’t have a lot except for what I got from God. Like I said, I’ve been doing this since being a DJ was a thing.

First pro gig: One of the first big deals I ever did was at the North Side Family Skating Center here in Winston-Salem, but I did a number of house parties as a kid. I was DJing liquor houses at the age of 13, shouldn’t even have been there. I was good and nobody could see me in the back room just going at it, not knowing there was a 13-year-old kid back there while they was doing whatever in the front.

Studio work: Yes, I was in a group called the Nobodies and we had a video and did a number of shows with KRS-One.

Favorite technique: I’m really good at crab-scratching and transforming.

Best record I own: A Serato record. I’ve spent enough years carrying 10 or 12 crates to parties that I can appreciate the ability to have all of my music on one.

Favorite new music: I play some of the new pop rap, like Lil Wayne and Drake, but I just have a genuine love for the old sounds.

My gear: Technic 1200s with the SK6 Stanton mixer, laptop with Serato.


I’d like to add: I just want to give shouts out to the guy who really started it around here. His name is DJ Tommy G and he’s the first one who started hip-hop DJing around here and I’d like to give props. We all had to look up to him.