by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Push/Pull

What it means: I like to purposefully leave it ambiguous, I would rather people interpret what it means.

Real name: Liam Collins

What I play: I play some sort of bouncy, upbeat hybrid genre of electronic music.

Catch me at: I play around AVL a fair bit, naturally. But I have been booked up and down the East Coast.

Upcoming shows: April 19 at AVL Music Hall with the Polish Ambassador.

Got in the game: I think I played my first big show in 2009.

Why I do it: I really just started doing it to showcase the music I was writing.

Influences: I get inspiration from all angles.

First pro gig: Playing with Benga in Boston in 2009.

Studio work: I am constantly producing original music; it’s most of what I play.

Favorite technique: Don’t have a favorite, I do whatever will sound the best at the moment.

Signature mix: Always the one I’m about to put out.

Best record I own: I’m just going to narrow it down to best electronic album and say Hallucinogen in Dub.

Favorite new music: Check out Grouch from New Zealand.

Equipment used: Macbook Pro, Novation Launchpad, Evolution UC-33.


I’d like to add: What you focus on, grows.