by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Billy Keith’ DJ handle: darklove.’ What it means: Who cares?’ Catch me at: All over North Carolina.Upcoming shows: July 18 at Lyndon Street Artworks for the Shut Up and Play the Hits afterparty — a DFA records tribute set, and July 27 at ‘ ubculture, keep up for more.Got in the game: In 2008.Why I do it: I’m socially awkward in the club so I needed something to keep me occupied.Influences: RJD2, DJ Vajra and all my DJ friends.’ Studio work: I have lots of studio work, and I’ve turned more to my love for producing.My technique: Just playing you really great songs you have never heard before.Signature mix: I’m proud of all the ones available to the public. Keep up with me; I am collaborating with one of your favorite DJs from the area on our next mixtape. You are going to love this one.Personal playlist: My homies: J4M3Z L34N, SoundGrave, Heroes & Villains, Fat Tony, House of Fools. Others: Black Angels, Danny brown, A$AP Rocky, FKI, Reup Gang, Highbloo, Baauer, 2Chainz, anything chopped (not slopped) and skrewed, a good bit of Trap that has been coming out lately, MOOMBAHTON!, Disclosure, Distal, Brenmar, Jamie xx, SBTRKT.Favorite albums: RJD2 — Deadringer, the Avalanches — Since I Left You, Clipse — Road to Til’ the Casket Drops, the Doors — Greatest Hits, Danny Brown — XXX’ My gear: Technics 1200s, Korg Zero 4, Kontrol X1, Tractor Scratch Pro’ Website:,, @drklv, @MuteChamberRecs,’d like to add: Special shout out to my boo and my family. I am the co-owner of Mute Chamber Records (MCR) representing the Dirty South. Send us your demos MuteChamber@ Shout out to ALL my homies doing it: Mute Chamber Records, J4M3Z L34N and the rest of the #L34NN4TI0N, Socially Inc. Clothing, Jazzy Joel, Keithkeef, SaysWho, J. Overcash, DJ Yona, TimePiece, Subculture Homies, Permenant Vacation, Lil Saint Dee, Masokix, HxV, SoundGrave, L in Japanese, A Drop In Silence, Joel Collins (PMG), VWE, Robert Beck, BGrog’ 

Come out July 18 to Lyndon Street for our next dance party presented by Jazzy Joel. If you have been before you know the deal, great times, lots of dancing, sorry no moon bounce this time, A documentary about LCD Soundsystem, plus a killer lightning bolt live show (I don’t really know how to describe it) that the homie Robert Beck has been creating.