Taking a Listen: Local music reviews

by Heather MacIntyre

Mostly Bears – The Ed Mitchell Clinic

The album was named after Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Thanks to outer-space infatuations, its debut at No. 80 on the College Music Journal ( charts only took a few weeks to climb up more than 50 spots. Aside from the Mother Truckers, it’s been a while since Funzalo Records has put out something really worth mentioning, so they lucked out with this album. Mostly Bears has a sound vocally similar to Devendra Banhardt with a little bit of earthy-hippy feeling (musically) and a little more acid rock, psychedelic meets experimental or the Mars Volta having a threesome with Muse and shoe gaze. However you want to put it, it sounds great together. There isn’t a track on this album that doesn’t keep your attention; the West should be proud. bears

Rating: 4 records (out of 5)

ECPE – Ten Songs

Winston-Salem’s Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble released an album on Tuesday with a little more than drums and guitars. We’re talking vibraphones, pianos, glockenspiels, marimbas, auxiliary percussion and more – thus producing an overall eclectic and rich sound. Ten Songs was mixed and finished at the Fidelitorium ( by Mitch Easter, producer Erich Hubner and head of Microearth ( Morgan Kraft. This mostly instrumental album is perfect background music to dream or fantasy, and for the most part, I think it could have done without any vocals at all. The album doesn’t overdo it or try too hard in any way, giving the final product something you can enjoy, and not confuse your audible senses.

Rating: 3 records (out of 5)

Old Stone Revue – Heirloom

Assuming you live in North Carolina is to assume you’ve heard Old Stone Revue. They play shows all over the Triad weekly, sometimes twice or thrice weekly. The band is unsigned, but you can tell by listening to Heirloom that they really have the talent for a label, but maybe that’s not a priority to them like it is for most bands these days. Combining the music, lyrics, and vocals, I get a soft homespun Southern hospitality about growing up and growing old. Light classic rock feel with a hint of country, AKA Americana good listening. They are playing at the Clubhouse ( on Friday.

Rating: 3 Records (out of 5)